Chairs4gaming Website Review


This review will be a little different from our usual review articles. It’s a review about a website, yes you read that correctly. If you are wondering why it is because I became an affiliate on their website and at the same time I want to share how amazing their site is! Chairs4gaming is a complete yet very simple website to purchase modern gaming chair.  Chairs4Gaming Furniture Inc. has officially launched February 18th, 2014. They are a registered company in Quebec, Canada. You can find out more about them here.

In this article, I will review different parts of their website such as the quality of the site, is it easy to navigate, the affiliate program, the products and much more. At the moment their site offers free shipping in the US, but they are working on expanding their sales to Canada, which is great since I’m based in Canada.

Your order is shipped within 24h, compare to other sites which could take up to a couple of days. On top of having fast shipping, they offer two years warranty on parts, which is a neat little plus.

Now that the introduction is done, we can dive in the fun part of the article, the review.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


1- Creating your account / Navigating the Site

The first step when landing on the Chairs4gaming is to create your accountIn the right corner click on “Register” and it will bring you on the account creating page, on there you just need to write in your name/email and password, very easy. You can also log in with Amazon. Once your account is created, it’s time to navigate the site.

Chairs4gaming Website Review

Chairs4gaming offers an easy and straightforward menu. In the menu, you can find 5 different tabs.First one is DXracer when you hover your mouse over that menu tab, you can find chairs by Series, height, and weight. Which offers an easy way to shop for the users. The next tab is “other brands” in there you can find three different chair brands you can purchase from. Cougar, Techni Sport, and Ewin, which I find great to have different brands of product on your site.

Another significant aspect of their site is the “shopping guide” I will go more in details later in the article, but it’s amazing. A lot of websites sell products, but they don’t have guides like this one to help the customers choose a product. I find it more professional when a company creates a shopping guide for the different products they offer.

Next one is the “Review” tab. This one is very straightforward. You can find customer reviews about an individual product they purchased. It’s always fun to see other people giving out their opinion on a product you want to buy.

Last but not least is the “affiliate” tab, which I will cover more in details later in the article. Perfect if you have a blog or a site about gaming chairs, you can easily register to be an affiliate and get fantastic rewards.

There’s a footer menu with some more information such as, contact us, about, privacy policy, blog and much more!

Chairs4gaming Website Review


2- Offered products

Now that we overlooked the menu, we can dig in the fun part, the products. Chairs4gaming focuses heavily on DXracer types of chair. They offer a huge variety of these kinds of gaming chair. 12 different types of series, which results in over a hundred different chairs. That is what I love as a customer, to have many choices to pick from.

Chairs4gaming Website Review

Plus their site offers a very easy way to shop. You can filter your chairs, with the left menu, by color, by series, by height limit, by weight limit, making it incredibly easy to shop. On top of all that when you purchase a gaming chair you get, free cushions, free shipping, no taxes, lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts, what could you possibly want more?

They also sell three different brands of gaming chairs beside DXracer. The Cougar brand, unfortunately, there’s is only one chair from this brand. Techni Sports, who offers more than five different types of chairs. Last but not least, Ewin Gaming Chairs, offers four different gaming chairs. Great if you prefer to purchase a different brand than DXracer.

As you can see in the picture below, when you click on a product this is the page you will land on. You can see the price. You can choose the quantity of chair you want. The user can click different tabs for more information about the chair. An overview of the product, the specifications of the chairs, the size, some faqs and customer reviews. It is never a bad thing to have a lot of information about a product before purchasing.

Chairs4gaming Website Review

Chairs4gaming offers other things besides gaming chairs. You can buy DXracer footrest. You can choose between five different colors, which is cool. The footrest is great to rest between those intense online matches, or just play casual games with your feet resting on the footrest.

Another great product to complete your PC gaming setup is the DXracer desk. You can find four different color desk on this website. These desks have a beautiful design and offer a lot of space for your gaming rig, plus they don’t cost a fortune.

They also offer fun related products, such as coffee mugs with their logo on it, DXracer backpacks, mouse pads and cell phone covers. One thing they suggest that amazed me is the fact that they sell gift cards for their site, you can choose from a variety of amount. Making the perfect gift for someone who is willing to buy a gaming chair.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


3- Shopping Guide

As I mentioned above, Chairs4gaming offers a shopping guide, which I find amazing, there’s a lot of sites which sell products without having some guide to help their customers. I understand when a client comes on your site he has a small idea of what he is searching for, but having additional information never hurts.

Chairs4gaming Website Review

When you land on the shopping guide page, you will see an overview of the different topics that are covered in this guide. If you are searching for only a particular type of information you can easily click on the title it will bring you directly to it.

If you decide to read the complete guide, it starts off with a beautiful infographic to help you find the best DXracer gaming chair that fits your body type. The infographic separates the different DXracer series depending on your body weight making it easier to find the perfect gaming chair.

Chairs4gaming Website Review

After that, you will find very detailed information about each DXracer gaming chair series. The different models, colors, height, max weight limit, type of cover, the price and much more. Very useful information to read before purchasing a computer chair.

At the end of the guide, you will see additional information about the chairs. The difference between PU, PVC, and Fabric covers, the difference between Nylon base and Aluminium base? The difference between the different DXRacer armrests? Those are questions we don’t ask ourselves but are important to know.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


4- Customer Reviews

This is a simple yet necessary part of a company, let me explain. Customer reviews are imperative for your business, especially if you sell products. As a consumer, I read information about a product I want to purchase, but that’s not enough, I like to know what other people think of the product before I purchase it. Their opinion, their pros, and cons are crucial to read.

I believe each store should have this kind of section. As it gives the store more credibility and will reassure your customers. On Chairs4gaming, you can see the name of the chair the client purchased, a picture of it, the customer’s review and the rating they gave the chair. Simple yet powerful meaning.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


5- Affiliates

I just became and affiliate not to long ago, but I can tell they treat you well. First, anyone can apply to their affiliate program. You don’t need to have a certain number of views per month or other requirements some affiliates programs asks from you. Which I find ideal for websites that start in the business.

To begin the affiliate program, you need to register for an affiliate account, which is very easy you just need to follow the steps and write down your credentials. After that, you will land on your affiliate dashboard, on here you will find your custom link, your coupon code, and other account settings.

The commission rate is quite excellent, 10% which is pretty high in comparison with other sites who sell these kinds of products. They updated their affiliate rewards recently, making them much for exciting for us. They augmented the commission rate and upgraded quite a few rewards.

On top of having a good commission rate, they offer rewards based on the number of sales you bring to the site. There is five levels of affiliates, each offer different bonuses, such as store credit, extra PayPal money, a foot rest and even a gaming chair (up to 500$ value). I love these types of reward. It makes us affiliate work even harder to bring sales to their site. Here is more information about the different levels and rewards.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


6- Customer Services

Multiple ways to contact Chairs4gaming, you can call them at this number 1-866-222-4254 (9 am – 5 pm EST). The other way is to contact them by email at [email protected] I’ve been exchanging emails with a member of Chairs4gaming and the response has been quick and precise. I had a couple questions about the affiliates and other things, and it was quickly resolved.

Chairs4gaming Website Review


Click here to start your shopping spree on Chairs4gaming


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This concludes our article on Chairs4gaming website review. Once again we don’t normally do this these kinds of review, but we had to do it, we had to share this amazing site with you guys. Plus Chairs4gaming is an upcoming big site in the gaming chair industry, and people like to read these kinds of reviews before purchasing an expensive product.

Overall Chairs4gaming is a great website to purchase a video game chair, very easy to navigate, a multitude of products to choose from, a wonderful guide to choosing the perfect gaming chair, great customer service and an amazing affiliate program for those who want to register.

Do not forget to leave us a comment in the section below.