Types of Material for Computer Chairs


Types of Material for Computer Chairs – Ultimate Guide


Computer chairs come in a variety of different materials. The material includes leather, faux leather, mesh, vinyl, plastic, fabric and, wood. One of the most crucial parts of choosing the perfect computer chair is selecting the right material with which you can feel comfortable. You will have to ask yourself a couple of important questions before purchasing: Will it support me? How will it feel on my skin? How long will it last? Is it hard to clean?

Below we will look at different types of computer chairs material. You will see that sometimes you need to sacrifice one of those qualities to obtain another one. Example, durable material is not necessarily the most comfortable.

With that being said, let’s examine each question you should ask yourself before purchasing an office chair. Following that, I will go through and summarize each type of material and overlook necessary information about each material to help the users make their decision.


Will it support me?

Let’s start with the most critical question. The answer to this question depends on which type of support you are looking for. The most commonly used material used to cover cushions is, leather, faux leather, mesh, vinyl and, fabric. The pillow can offer the users will depend on the type of foam or fluff used to create the cushion. The foam or fluff used in these models will be softer but may flatten out over time meaning you will have to get a new chair.

Plastic, wooden backrest, and seat area may not be the softest option on the market, but most of the time they are comfortable. These types of material are designed to contour to fit the curves of your back and butt, reducing stress and offering more support to its users. The sturdiness of the plastic and wood provides a properly aligned spine, unlike cushions and low-quality mesh material, these hard type of backrest and seat will never lose their shapes unless you break them. If your budget can handle it, I highly recommend you order custom built wooden or plastic chair to fit your body.

Lastly, mesh material may be used to cover cushions. Often it can be stretched around plastic or metal frames and used as a backrest or a suspension seat, similar to those high-end office chairs you can see in corporate offices. This type of backrest, seat material is known to form to your body, providing support exactly where you need it the most. I’d recommend making sure that the mesh quality of the chair you want to purchase is of high-quality because cheap mesh material will stretch out and render itself useless.


How Will It Feel On My Skin?

Another crucial question to ask yourself, why? Because usually, we tend to spend quite some time sitting in our computer chair. First, ask yourself, will my skin stick to it? Some material listed above are prone to stick on your skin. Those materials are leather, faux leather, vinyl, wood, and plastic. However, these types of materials are also the ones who are least likely to irritate or scratch your skin. As mentioned above, where you find an advantage you can also see a disadvantage.

On the other hand, materials such as mesh and fabric are more likely to scratch your skin, why? Because of the tiny fibers, they might break free and poke your skin, resulting in some skin irritation. Naturally, there are some types of fabrics and meshes that are known to be scratchier than others, that is why it is essential to read all the information on the chair. I’d recommend taking some time to research particular types of computer chair or to try them in person, while this might be hard since we pretty much buy everything online nowadays.

Last but not least, most mesh and fabric computer chairs are sprayed with a chemical compound which makes the chair last longer and makes them fire resistant, that may irritate your skin. Another personal recommendation if you’re worried about the chemical compound used on these chairs would be to contact the manufacturer directly.


How Long Will It Last?

Another critical factor when it comes to choosing the perfect gaming chair, as changing computer chairs every year might cost you a lot. Of all the material types listed above, the wood type is the one that will last the longest. The second one is plastic, but this material can crack over time, especially if you’re clumsy like me and know your chair over. Some other material like fabric will last a long time if you take care of it.

One of the reasons people tend to switch computer chairs is because their fabric chair is covered in stains and some stains are tough to remove, so they prefer switching to a stainless chair. You should consider not eating or drinking while sitting on your chair or maybe cover it with some plastic.

As I mentioned above, when mesh is pulled over a plastic or metal frame it tends to get stretched out over time. This will happen to every quality of mesh, especially for low quality, it will stretch itself so much, and you will be forced to switch out your chairs. Again, I repeat myself often, but this is relevant, research before purchasing a chair.

As for the other materials, leather, faux leather, and vinyl, those are all prone to weak and crack over time. Real leather can be treated and oiled to enhance its lifespan, genuine leather is obviously the superior choice, but it cost a lot more. Vinyl and faux leather are similar when it comes to wear and tear. Like mesh, there are different qualities of vinyl and faux leather. Once again before purchasing you need to check out the quality if you want a long lasting chair.


How Easy Will It Be Too Clean?

Personally, the most straightforward material to clean is wood and plastic by far. Usually, you can just wipe away the spill with a wet cloth or a towel. If it’s paint and pen markings, you can scrub off of these durable surfaces with ease.

Other materials like leather, faux leather, and vinyl are pretty easy to clean. For the most part, spills will wipe away quickly. I would be more careful with scrubbing these types of materials that I would be with wood or plastic since they are thinner and might wear down. You just need to wipe the spill gently. Leather and faux leather has little grooves which may collect dust and spills, keep in mind when cleaning your computer chair.

The fabric is another type of material that can be difficult to clean. First of all, you will want to be very sure that you sop up all moisture to prevent the growth of mold, which is not good for your health. Second, you may also want to consider shopping for a dark color fabric chair or rub on stain remover since most chairs are not built to allow you to remove fabric for cleaning purposes.

Similar to the fabric material, mesh shares the same cleaning problems, plus one more. It has many little grooves for things like dust or food, to get stuck inside. Especially when the mesh material is placed atop of a cushion, consumers often complain that it is impossible to keep completely clean.


Now that we have cleared the important questions to ask ourselves before purchasing a computer chair, below, we will overlook all of the material types mentioned above, to help you make the right choice when shopping for a new chair.


LeatherTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

Starting with one of the top-notch material on the market. Leather has long been tied to an image of prestige when it comes to computer chairs, with its incredible details and quality. Unlike fabric and mesh material, your skin is unlikely to get irritated by a leather chair plus leather is very easy to clean, you just need to be careful not to spill or damage the stitches on your chair.

With that being said, no material is perfect, leather is one of the most expensive office chairs coverings on the market, and it requires a certain level of care to keep it from drying out and cracking, similar to house sofas.


Faux Leather

Faux leather is an excellent alternative if you are worried about the cost of real leather or are conscious about using animal products. Similar to genuine leather, faux leather is very easy to clean, use a damp cloth with dishwasher soap, even though it’s easy to clean, you need to be careful not to spill anything into its stitched seams.Types of Material for Computer Chairs

Despite not being real leather, this type of material offers an excellent design for office space. A couple of years back, faux leather was incredibly easy to spot. Nowadays companies can create faux leather that resembles real leather that can even fool experts.

The main difference between the two is the texture and durability. Meaning real leather will be softer and more durable. You can even oil real leather to keep it moist and prevent it from cracking. While you cannot do the same with faux leather. I’d recommend finding a high-quality faux leather chair, as the cheaper ones tend to dry out and crack easily.

Faux leather is quite popular amongst gaming chairs, as it cost half the price of real leather and still offers excellent quality for its users.


VinylTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

Vinyl is more or less a thin plastic, rubber-type material used to cover cushions on some chairs. Most people are unaware of what vinyl is, and I feel that plastic / rubber-type material is an accurate way to describe the texture and composition. Or if you’re a hardcore gamer like myself, some gaming chairs are covered in vinyl, here is one of them the Dxracer King Series.

Most of the time, this type of material is used when creating faux leather chairs. Like most material types, you will want to find vinyl which is soft and flexible as hard vinyl will tend to crack. However, faux leather nor vinyl will last as long as real leather, and both are prone to cracking.

The significant advantage of vinyl material is, unlike leather and faux leather, it comes in a large variety of colors to choose from. If you’re like me and love having a matching gaming setup, then you will have no problem finding the perfect color.


MeshTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

Mesh is a fascinating type of material when it comes to computer chairs, also available in a large variety of colors. This material is similar to fabric, meaning it is soft, barely sticky, and kind of difficult to clean. Even worse when it is stretched over a cushion, it is complicated to clean inside of every small space. Like most office chair material, mesh can either be high-quality or low quality, the quality of the chair will determine its lifespan.

As you might expect mesh is a breathable material, meaning that allows air to pass through it. Keep in mind if it is placed on top of a cushion it will not be breathable as the cushion will act as an insulator. When mesh is stretched around a metal or plastic frame and is designed to be the backrest area or seat of your chair, is where mesh material shines as it will offer a breathable quality keeping its users comfortable in a warm environment.

Last but not least, mesh can often irritate your skin. Because it is made up of plastic-like fibers which can poke your skin. A good tip I can offer is read consumer reviews or try it out in person before purchasing. Another major point you should take into consideration is most mesh chairs are sprayed with chemicals to make they fire resistant. So if you are worried about its effect on your skin, you should contact the chair’s manufacturer.


FabricTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

The fabric is usually chosen for its softness, comfort and color/pattern varieties. Depending on which type you want, fabric can be the softest and most comfortable material on this list. What I like about this kind of chair material is it can be made from many different resources. Such as spandex, cotton, and hemp.

Similar to mesh material, fabric is hard to clean, and it is sometimes spayed with chemical solutions. Here are a couple of tips I can give you to keep it clean. Choosing a darker colored chair, purchasing some stain remover and to never eat or drink while sitting on your chair, which is hard for us gamers. As listed above you can contact the chair’s manufacturer for more information about the chemicals sprayed on the chair.


PlasticDxracer King Series Review

Plastic covered chairs are often made with a hard seat or s soft, bouncy seat. This type of material is usually contoured to the shape of the average rear end. Plastic seats are designed to reduce stress and pressure point if they are adequately contoured that is. However, if they are not, you may feel some discomfort at the end of the day.

What I love about these types of chairs is the fact that they come in a wide variety of colors and have racing car type of look. Also known as gaming chairs, you often see them when watching Streamers or Youtubers. They also provide a lot of different options designed for gamers.

Plastic material is effortless to clean, like some types mentioned above, you just need to take a damp cloth with a little bit of soap and voila! As much as I like this kind, cheap quality plastic chairs will crack and break very quickly. I’d recommend saving a little bit more money and investing in a higher-end plastic gaming chair.


WoodTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

Last but not least, Wooden chairs. This type of material offers a traditional old-worn charm, making them a perfect combination for virtually any office space. You might wonder, how can wood be comfortable it’s hard and unforgiving. With a proper contour following the shape of your bottom, a wooden chair can provide superior support than other materials on our list. On top of being one of the most long-lasting material is it incredibly easy to clean.

Unfortunately, there’s a couple of downside to purchasing a wooden chair. First, if you find one that does not fit your rear end, you can end up with discomfort and pain in the long run. Second, when in the hotter months of the year this chair can become quite sticky, like leather, faux leather, and vinyl chairs.



This concludes our article about the types of material for computer chairs. As you may have seen, there is a lot of different kinds of material to choose from, on top of having other factors to overlook when purchasing a computer chair.

With that being said, you are the one with the final decision. Before buying I’d recommend asking yourself the question that we answered in the beginning when that is done you should then read all the information about the product you choose. If you need even more technical information, you can contact the manufacturer.

If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave us a comment in the section below.