Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam


Let’s start this with a harsh truth. Video game cost a fortune now. Especially newly released games, hell they are so expensive you need to save money for a month just to buy one. If you’re like me a big fan of MMO games, most of them have a monthly subscription, so again you need to pay. This is the reason for this article. I will show you my list of my top 5 free to play MMO on Steam.

Before we explore my different picks, the games in my list are all free-to-play, they don’t cost anything, and they don’t have hidden fees. Most of them have microtransaction thought, so if you want to spend a couple of dollars for your personal fun you can do it. Do not worry these are not pay to win games, as those can become quite annoying when you don’t want to put any money in them.

Here is my list of


1- Path of Exile

What Diablo 3 should have been. Have you ever heard that about PoE? Path of Exile is a Hack & Slash kind of RPG, with a ridiculous amount of customization that brings the game to another level. You start out has an exile on a beach struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast. Players can initially choose from six available classes to play as (Duelist, Marauder, Ranger, Shadow, Templar, and Witch) and finally, the Scion, can be unlocked by freeing her near the end of Act 3.

This game has four different acts, from I-IV but that will soon change. The company that created PoE has announced that they will produce a total of ten acts. That is amazing for a free-to-play game. Another fantastic point that makes this game awesome is the skill/abilities customization you can pretty much pick any class and use your favorite skills on it. Another unique aspect of this game is the currency system. It is very different from other games. You have no “money.” Instead, there’s different “orb” that acts like in-game currency.

One of my favorite thing about the game is the “League” system. These are considered game modes, which is great because it offers diversity for the players. There is currently two permanent leagues in PoE:

  • Standard – The default gameplay league. Characters who die here respawn in the last city visited (with experience loss on higher difficulties).
  • Hardcore – Characters cannot be resurrected but instead respawn back in the Standard league. This mode is analogous to permadeath in other games. Great for experienced players.

Current temporary (challenge) leagues, these changes every couple of months:

  • Legacy – In this league, enemies drop Leaguestones that can be equipped to experience one of 17 previous leagues in the next zone.
  • Hardcore Legacy – The hardcore variant of the above challenge league.

In addition of all of that they event offer “special” kind of leagues, they are usually designed for specific events. They have their set of rules, item accessibility, and aftermath. These rules widely vary depending on the league. Plus this game offers a multitude of microtransaction which is not necessary but will enhance your gaming experience even further.

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Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam


2- Infestation: The New Z

Infestation: The New Z is an official re-work of the game Infestation: Survivor Stories, created by new independent developers. This is a zombie survival game where players endure the hardships of a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world. Your goal here is to survive by any means. You will need to explore and loot to find weapons and item. You will have to fight thirst and hunger by scavenging it where ever you can, and if you can’t find some, then you can buy some. Unfortunately, if you do not fulfill your needs, you will die.

Like in any other survival game you can team up with other players to increase your chance of surviving. You can even enter safe zones, that means you are safe from combat and zombie attacks. In these safe zones, players can access “Global Inventory” – an inventory shared between characters – and shop for items via the General Store.

Outside of the safe zone, you can engage in some impressive player vs. player action, and you can engage in a fight VS zombies.  Killing other players granted the user reputation based on the victims standing and a chance to collect their dropped items. When you kill zombies, you gain experience point that you can spend in your in-game skill tree.

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Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam


3- Tera

Tera is the first MMORPG on our list. TERA is an action combat MMORPG where skill, timing, and aim truly matter. That is what makes it so unique. It is not like your average MMORPG. Positioning is crucial in this game since you can use abilities regardless of the target location. The advance AI delivers much more intense, and epic combat experience, which is great because fighting in RPG games can get repetitive.

Players can choose between seven different character races and nine classes with unique fighting styles. Like any other MMORPG, you can embark on quests, gather materials, craft gear, enter instanced dungeons, and engage in PvP combat. I’d recommend joining groups to clear dungeons as it is easier to clear them using the four main character focuses: defense, melee damage, ranged damage, and healing. Don’t worry. Each class is designed to work both solo and in a group.

My favorite thing about this game is there are no “restrictions” like other free MMO. You will not have to worry about level caps, zones and much more. You can experience the full game without spending a penny. If you want to support the Tera team, you can purchase different things such as account services, cosmetics items, accessories, weapon skins, mounts and more.

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Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam


4- Marvel Heroes 2016

With all of the superhero hype that is going around, I had to include this one in my list. Marvel Heroes is a Hack & Slash action RPG, like Diablo and Path of Exile. Play as your favorite superhero and team up with other heroes and try to stop Doctor Doom from destroying the world with the power of the cosmic cube.

A great aspect of this game is the character selection. Play as Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk,  Thor, Captain America, Deadpool and much more. Here is a useful link for information about the available heroes in the gameThe heroes are unlockable with in-game content, and if you want to support the team and save time, you can purchase them.

Like other ARPG’s Marvel Heroes offers a fantastic leveling system unique to each superhero. Diverse locations set across the huge world of Marvel. A great crafting system. Excellent PVP action and much more.

You will not have to worry as this game is not a pay-to-win, there is a lot of things you can purchase to save time, but pretty much everything is unlockable through playing. If you’re a fan of the Marvel universe and a fan of action RPG’s this game will bring you a lot of fun.

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Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam


5- Paladins

This game is often compared to Overwatch as it is pretty much the same, the only real difference is this one is free-to-play. Paladins take place in a fantasy world of ancient technology. This game is a team-based shooter with strategy elements and great character customization. Through a unique collectible card system, players can amplify and augment a character’s core set of abilities to play exactly how they want to play.

Paladins offer a diverse cast of Champions ranging from sharpshooting humans to mech-riding goblins, mystical elves, jetpack-clad dragons, and bomb golems. Each Champion brings a unique set of skills to the arena, plus new Champions are regularly added to the game, which is amazing for their players. As you level up your account, master each Champion, and complete daily quests/achievements players will receive radiant chests and gold which can be used to unlock additional cards, costumes, and weapon skins.

Players collect unique cards for each Champion and build decks that empower their personal play styles. Players start with a basic deck of cards and unlock additional cards as they play, to customize even further your deck of cards. Paladins offer three different game modes.

  • Siege: The main classic Paladins game mode. The first team to reach 4 points wins the match. To do so, each team must first conquer the map’s Command Point. The team that gains full control of the CP gets one point. Following this, the winning team gets to push their Payload Cart to the enemy base, while the opposite team must defend the Payload at all costs to stop it from moving onto their base. The team that manages to either push the Payload or defends their base from it will be rewarded with one point.
  • Payload: This mode focuses only on the Payload part of Siege mode. The objective of the attacking team is to push the cart through an extended course of rails until it reaches the enemy base. The defensive team must stop the cart from reaching their base at all costs.
  • Survival: A team deathmatch with no respawns. Last team standing gets one point.

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Top 5 Free To Play MMO On Steam



This concludes our list of top 5 free to play MMO on Steam. These picks are based off my personal picks plus their popularity on Steam. My goal was to show these amazing games you can play without spending a penny as I mentioned above video games are getting very expensive, so finding a great free-to-play game feels good. Plus if you want to support the team behind these excellent games you can by purchasing in-game items.

I hope our list of top 5 free to play MMO on Steam has helped you discover one of these excellent free to play games you can find on Steam. Do not forget to tell us which one is your favorite in the section below.