The Experience of Playing Fortnite on Your Mobile Devices


Fortnite has become a wildly popular game. The game has a colourful and competitive multiplayer Battle Royale mode that has garnered popularity for its style, re-playability, and the attention its garnered on sites such as Twitch. It was particularly talked about when famous gamer Ninja partnered up to play with Drake. Now, Fortnite boasts over 200 million players with no signs of stopping.

With the wild growth of Fortnite, Epic Games has expanded the platform to include mobile devices but is the experience the same as those used to playing it on PC and console dedicated to gaming?

What Mobile Devices Can Fortnite Be Played On?

When it comes to mobile games, a big concern is if all users can access the game. It’s often the unfortunate case that either iOS users or Android users have the advantage.

Fortnite has an iOS release that includes compatibility with the following devices;

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone X
  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad 2017, and;
  • iPad Pro

Fortnite is not supported on the iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, Mini 3, or iPod Touch.

Android isn’t completely out of luck, but they aren’t quite as well set up iOS users. The Android app is a beta. This means that while the game is almost ready for an official release, there are some bugs and glitches that might need to be worked out before then.

The iOS and Android version both come with all the game modes players are used to including Battle Royale modes, Save the World, and Creative.

Fortnite for iOS

To review the mobile versions of this game, let’s take a look at iOS and Android separately. The iOS version has been well received with Polygon claiming that it runs like a dream.

The mobile controls are simple to use. Drag the control button at the bottom left of the screen to move and double-tap it to run. You can drag your finger anywhere on the screen and tap to fire your weapon. At the bottom of the screen, you can tap to select from a menu including reloading and entering build mode.

Most people found that this set of controls is a rather intuitive way to condense a large game onto a smaller platform. The download itself is kept reasonable as well at only around 2 GB.

Players also found that this iOS version runs smoothly on the devices its enabled on.

Fornite for Android

Unfortunately, the reviews for Fortnite’s Android beta haven’t been as glowing as it’s iOS cousin.

The first thing Android users noticed is that the graphics are nowhere near as attractive as the PC or even iOS versions. Additionally, the game only runs at around 30 fps even on newer Android devices, making lag a serious problem. While lag is bad in any game, it’s even worse when you are competing with 99 other players who might not be dealing with the same handicap.

The general controls are the same as the iOS mobile version.

In-Game Purchases

In-game purchases don’t have a positive connotation in today’s gaming world. When it’s mentioned, most gamers immediately come to the conclusion that their free-to-play game isn’t nearly as free as they were promised.

While Fortnite does have in-game purchases, they aren’t there to limit your gameplay or give your competitors an unfair advantage. Purchase of the in-game currency – V-Bucks – is largely optional. Purchases with this currency aren’t going to give you better weapons but rather new outfits and accessories.

All in all, players can never spend a dime on Fortnite and still fight on a level playing field. The only performance boost players can get from spending money is the Battle Pass, which allows players to level up faster and unlock new items for $25 every 10 weeks.

Technical Tips for Mobile Play

The first tip that players pass onto one another is that if you don’t have unlimited data on your phone, you’ll want to make sure you’re connected to WiFi. A game this big in co-op modes will take a lot of data to run.

They also warn one another that this game, while fun, will do a real number on your device’s battery. It’s best to keep a charger handy.

Is the Mobile Version Worth It?

At the end of the day, is the mobile version worth your time? For iOS users, yes! You’ll be able to battle and build as long as you have the data and phone battery.

For Android users, you can go ahead and download the Fortnite app, but don’t be surprised if it isn’t the performance that you’re used to. Luckily, this is a beta version rather than a full release, so you can expect bigger and better things from Epic Games in the near future.