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The gaming industry is growing at an astronomical rate, giving all other entertainment industries a run for their money. Video and PC gaming – the two major trends in gaming have amassed so many users over the years and have also evolved with the latest and futuristic technologies including augmented and virtual reality.

Besides the unlimited fun that video games provide, they also help increase vision, reduce stress, lighten depression, improve decision-making skills and ability to multi-task. 

Online gaming, which is gradually taking the industry by storm is beginning to change the way gamers play their games – whether on console and on PC. With the advent of pervasive computing and the prevalence of Internet connectivity at homes, offices, and on the move, anyone can enjoy their favourite games anywhere and anytime. 

Online gaming gives people the opportunity to not only connect with their family and friends to play games and interact, but also gives the opportunity to meet and compete with all other gamers all around the world. 

It should come as no surprise that playing games online gives the user limitless catalogues of games to choose from. Another perk of online gaming is that gamers can also earn money while playing online and winning competitions.


Pros of Playing Games Online

The major benefit of playing games online is its convenience. From the comfort of their homes, users can browse through different catalogues of games and select their desired games. They can even purchase these games online without having to go down to the store to purchase a game disk. Relatively, these games cost cheaper when purchased online than when purchased in the store.

Online games have been known to promote teamwork, unity, and cooperation among players, especially in co-op games. In versus games, gamers meet different people with different tactics. Playing with different people helps sharpen their critical thinking skills and help them adapt to new situations and develop strategies to overcome new problems. In real life, these skills can be useful too.


Cons of Playing Online Games

Online games could get addictive and have a negative effect on gamers who get absorbed in it. Gaming is a sedentary activity and could lead to several health issues if the gamer doesn’t engage in outdoor physical activity. 

Often times, the desperation to clear a level gets the user fixated on a spot and leads them to push themselves to uncomfortable limits which might be detrimental to their health.  

Another disadvantage of online gaming is crime or violence which stems from the aforementioned. Gamers who get addicted to gaming tend to pick up several bad habits which may or may not include irresponsible gambling. 

Gambling itself is an addictive act and could run the player into financial debts. In a bid to float this lifestyle and continue this addiction, the player may then resort to crime or other similar offences.


Ways to achieve better PC Gaming Experience

Playing games on a PC isn’t as straightforward as it is on a console. Half the time, when a gamer acquires a new game that requires faster processor speed or higher dedicated memory for gaming than the one on their machine, they hope it runs smoothly – without any lags or crashes. 

Apart from the limitations that may arise as a result of the hardware component existent in the machine, high ping is also a primary reason why games might experience lags during playtime. This is usually as a result of slow internet connectivity or a break in connection. To solve this problem, using a gaming VPN is usually advised. 

VPNs connect the user to another location and reroute their network connectivity through the fastest server in that location. This helps reduce ping time, leading to a seamless gameplay experience. 

Also, VPN affords users the opportunity to join competitions that are unavailable in their region. In the same vein, playing certain games with family and friends in certain regions may require a VPN for connection.