league of legends jinx cosplay


If you like cosplay’s like I do then you will love this compilation, of course, you don’t need to like League of Legends to appreciate these costumes but it helps to know the origin of the cosplay.

In this list we have picked the best cosplay of Jinx from league of legends we could find, we even found some of her different in-game skin.



Here is our list of League of Legends Jinx Cosplay

jinx cosplay

Source: Kitpatsu-Cosplay

 jinx cosplay

Source: MilliganVick

Source: NadyaSonika

Source: GloryLamothe

Source: SilentCircus90

Source: Hadvi


Source: AllexisN

Source: RinnieRiot

Source: Archaical

Source: Rosalia-Lombardo

Firecracker Jinx Cosplay


Source: NadyaSonika

Source: RinnieRiot

Slayer Jinx Cosplay


Source: Kitpatsu-Cosplay


Source: JinxKittieCosplay

Mafia Jinx Cosplay

Source: Vaxzone

Source: Kathsy

Source: Mikuen-Drops

Star Guardian Jinx Cosplay

Source: Helen-Stifler

Source: xAndrastax


This concludes our compilation of Jinx the crazy ADC. Let us know your favorite one in the comments below.