uninstall steam games

Nowadays video games take up more and more space in your computer, with their enhanced graphic and bigger worlds. Do you remember a time when you considered a game that up took 1 gig of space big?

I’d recommend having between 500gig to 1 TB of space, you do not need an absurd amount like 5 TB of space to enjoy all your favorite games on Steam.

Are you the type of gamer who likes to buy a lot of games but always ends up short of space?

Well look no more, in this guide I will inform you on how to uninstall steam games from your computer.


First way how to uninstall steam games

If you decide to choose this method you will need to go through “add or remove program”

  • Step 1- Click on your Start Menu on your taskbar

steam 0 start menu

  • Step 2- You can either go search in tools or just type “remove program”

steam 1 add remove program

  • Step 3- Click on “add remove program” a window will pop out

steam 3 search for the game

  • Step 4- Now you can either scroll down and search the game you want to delete or you can type a word in the game name to find it

steam 2 select the game

  • Step 5-Click on your game and then “remove” a Steam window will pop up asking you to log into your Steam account, you will need to accept this in order to uninstall the game.
    Voila, your game will be uninstalled.

steam 5 uninstall game


Second way how to uninstall steam games

This method will make you go through steam in order to delete your game.

  • Step 1- First log into your Steam account through the program and not the web browser.

steam second 1 steam log in

  • Step 2- When you’re logged on click on the library tab on your menu bar, it is located on the top left of your screen.

steam second 2 library

  • Step 3- Once inside your library you’ll be able to see the complete list of your games. When the game name is brighter it means the game is already installed, when the name is darker it means the game is not installed. From there choose the game you want to uninstall

steam second 3 game list

  • Step 4- Right click on your selected game and Select “Delete local content”

steam second 4 delete local content

  • Step 5- A confirmation window will appear, select “delete” and voila, it might take several minutes to delete your game, it depends on the size of the game.

steam second 5 delete confirmation

Notes: Do not worry if you still see your uninstalled game in your library, that means the game is kept in your account, it is not installed on your computer.

Well, I hope this guide helped you understand the different ways to uninstall a game from your Steam account.

If your computer does not have a lot of free space and you’re a hardcore gamer like me , it is important to know the different ways to delete your games in order to try new ones. If this guide is missing something or you just want to comment you can do so in the section below.