how to start youtube channel


How to  start a YouTube gaming channel

With gaming becoming more and more popular over the years as well as everything gaming related, we see more and more Youtube gaming channel.

As a gamer, our ultimate dream is to stay home play video games all day and make a living off of it! Well, it is possible, like any other things in life you will have to work very hard, it will take many sacrifices, many hours of work there will be bad days, good days but at the end, you will achieve something incredible.

In this guide, we will go through specific points in order to create your youtube channel such as, how to name your channel, content creating, marketing and much more.

Here is our guide on how to start a YouTube channel

Step 1 – Establish your goals.

Before you start this crazy adventure, I recommend establishing your primary goal, is your YouTube channel only for entertainment or maybe it is to make a living out of it or simply to review certain types of items to help people decide if they want to buy it or not.

When your main goal is decided, you will need to make a list of short-term goals such as, get 500 subscribers on YouTube, get 500 likes on Facebook, etc.

You can also establish long-term goals, make a career out of it or maybe to just help people out.

  • Main goal: Make a living off YouTube videos , create unique and fun content for my viewers.
  • Short-term goals: Get 200 Facebook followers, get 200 twitter followers, get 500 YouTube subscribers.
  • Long-term goals: Make money off YouTube, get 2000+ subscriber, get 1000+ Facebook likes.

Step 2- Finding your subject / Naming your channel

Here is where the adventure begins! What I mean by finding your subject is, do you want to make gameplay videos or reviews? Do you want to play/review only sports game or only first person shooter games or only new releases?

You can do everything as well, but I would recommend focusing on maybe one or two subjects so that you can create great and unique content for your viewers.

After that is done, here comes the fun part finding a name for your channel, I’d say it all depends on what you will talk about. My tips would be to find something short and catchy, so people will remember the name of your channel when the name is too long or complicated people tend to forget.

If you have no idea, you could maybe do a small pool on Facebook or Twitter ( if you have a personal one ) or amongst your friends, you never know someone might come up with a great name!

  • Find your main subject, gameplay videos, reviews, tips & tricks?
  • Finding a short, catchy yet easy to remember a name for your channel (Important).
  • Launch a pool amongst your facebook/twitter friend for some ideas.

Step 3- What type of content can I create?

In the last step I talked about it a little bit, can I create entertainment or should I focus more on informative content? The choice is yours, go with your most comfortable pick.

Before buying the material you need to create your content, you need to decide on which platform you want to make videos. Do I want to make videos using my PS4? My Xbox or my PC.

When that is decided you can now go on the hunt to find all your desired gear, microphone, cameras, etc.

  • Determine the type of content you are most comfortable to create.
  • Before buying your material, decide on which gaming platform you want to make videos about.

Step 4- What kinds of game can bring more viewers

This step will require a little bit of research depending on which type of channel you want to create. If you want to create an informative channel, I will go with anything you are comfortable creating content on, if you are an amateur of racing games then talk about racing games.

You can still create content on games you don’t play, but it will require more research and study in order for you to create something good for your viewers.

If you want to make a living off of your channel, I’d recommend playing popular games, this will require more work and effort, and maybe you won’t like that particular game, but to get a lot of viewers, you might need to do some sacrifices.

  • Do some research about the subject you decided to create content on.
  • You can create videos about subject you don’t know, requires more research.
  • If living from YouTube videos is your primary goal, then focus on popular games to obtain more traffic.

Step 5- How much time can I dedicate to my channel

I’ll be honest right from the start. This step is very important in the growth of your channel. Like anything in life the more time you dedicate, the more it will grow, if you put 20 hours a week on your channel don’t expect to make a living off of it in a couple of months.

I’d recommend putting the most hours you can on it ( without hurting yourself ). Having a successful YouTube channel can take months or even years! That’s why this point is crucial, a big part of the success depends on the time spent working on it.

Some people even quit their job to pursue their YouTube career. I would not advise you to do that unless you have a significant amount of savings.

  • The more hours you put into your project, the quicker your channel will grow.
  • It’s important to put a lot of hours in your project, but your life is more important.
  • Do not quit your day job until you can make around the same amount with your channel.

Step 6- Time management / Schedule

Again talking about time? Yes like I said earlier time is vital. Creating a posting schedule is very important for you, let me explain why. I’m a big fan of Youtube videos, and I can safely say I prefer when someone posts regularly than someone who posts videos at random times.

I’d suggest you create a posting schedule, an example you post a video every Monday at 9 am. Pro tip don’t create a posting schedule you can’t respect if you can’t create one video per week then don’t create a weekly schedule, post every two weeks, or else your viewers might get mad/annoyed and stop watching your channel.

  • Create a schedule for your video posting, have a routine will help you and attract more viewers in the long run.
  • Be sure to respect that schedule, create something you can follow without any stress.

Step 7- Who is my targeted audience?

Depending on the choice you made earlier about content creation, in this step, you will have to choose your targeted audience.

Are you creating informational and detailed gaming guides for hardcore gamers?

Or are you creating fun and entertainment videos for the casual gamers?

Targeting the right audience for your channel is important.

  • Find your targeted audience based on your content decision, it will attract more traffic.

Step 8- How will I reach my audience?

This will be one of the hardest steps in the process. This requires a lot of searching, interacting, finding ways to bring people to your channel.

Here are some tips I can give you, a good way to reach/interact with people are Facebook groups, find them, join them, respond to people, like their comment so that they can see you are not a spam bot.

Google+ communities might be a little less efficient but it’s still an excellent way to reach out to people, you can also use Twitter, but first you will need to acquire some followers.

Another great way is to search for video games forums, there’s so many out there, but before you “self-promote” yourself I’d recommend posting at least ten times on random topics so that you don’t get banned.

Create fun and interactive articles on Facebook/Twitter so people can share it with others.

When you get a couple of followers let’s say around 200-300 you could also do “giveaways” this method requires a little bit of money spending, but it’s a great way to reach out to people.

I find this part hard because you will have to interact with people and find a creative way to reach out to people, but it’s a great learning experience.

  • Find creative ways to bring in more and more viewers.
  • Join Google+ communities and Facebook groups, interact with those groups to show you’re authentic.
  • Participate in forum discussions, after some time you could try to self-promote yourself.
  • Create fun and interactive articles on social media, people love to share these things.
  • Once you got a couple of hundred followers, you can start to do “giveaways” believe me people love free stuff.

Step 9 – What will you do to achieve your goals?

Like I said earlier creating a successful YouTube channel will be very very hard and time-consuming, but it is doable with hard work.

I won’t hide the truth from you. You will need to make sacrifices for your channel to succeed, putting in more hours than you initially thought, sleeping less ( don’t hurt yourself ), quitting your job ( if you have the money that is ).

  • Your journey will be hard. You will need to work hard and do sacrifices to succeed.

Step 10 – Creating your channel.

When all of the above steps are done, I’d recommend typing them in a document or something. You will be ready to start your epic adventure.

Start by creating a YouTube account, then create your own channel, when that is done you can start hunting for the required gear to start creating content!

  • When your plan is complete, document it then you will be ready to create your channel and your content.


In conclusion

Having your successful YouTube channel is the dream of all gamer, playing video games for a living, staying home and simply having fun while working. I won’t lie to you it will be hard, you might even want to quit at some point, but if you push through and never stop working you will succeed.

I hope this guide will help you plan your YouTube career if you feel that I missed something important you can comment in the section below.