how to send steam gift


Shopping online is amazing, there’s so much choice and you don’t even have to leave your house.

But sometimes deciding what to get someone can be really difficult. You also need to order early to make sure it comes in time, if you leave it too late, you’ll end up with no present and an upset loved one.

Fortunately for gamers, steam offers a great and easy way to send video games to someone.

Even better, Steam has plenty of sales throughout the year, and consistently good prices. Between the various sales periods, including Christmas and Halloween, it’s really easy to find a great deal.

Another advantage, is that if you find a game at an excellent price, you can buy it right away, and then virtually store the game until the date you want to send it to your friend. This makes buying games as presents so much easier!

This guide will show you exactly how to navigate through Steam’s gifting center, are you ready to be the cool friend who buys video games for his friends?


Here is our guide on how to send a Steam gift.

  • Step 1- If you don’t already have a Steam account you will need to create one, if you do have one, log into it.

steam second 1 steam log in


  • Step 2- Once you’ve created and logged into your Steam account you will be able to see your menu bar on the top left of your screen, from there you can click on “Store”, this will land you in the game store.

steam 2 store tab


  • Step 3- Here you can search for a specific game or you can just scroll through the store page and see what you like the look of.

steam 3 search bar


  • Step 4- Once you’ve found your game and decided you want it, go ahead and click on the product, this will bring you to the games page with all the relevant information, once you’re certain you want to buy the game, then just click “add to cart”

steam 4 add to cart


  • Step 5- Once you’ve clicked “add to cart” you will land on a page with two options. The first one is to buy it for yourself. The second is to purchase it as a gift, so click on that.

steam 5 two options


  • Step 6- This will take you to a page with a bunch of different delivery options. Basically, they want to know the best way to get the game to your recipient once you’ve bought it.

-First one: Email, choose this option if you don’t know whether your recipient has a Steam account, or you don’t know his Steam account name. With this option you can send the game directly to his email.
steam 6 first option


-Second one: If the recipient is in your Steam friend list then you can use this option. Just click it and your friend list will pop up, run a list search for you friend’s name and then click continue.
steam 7 second option


-Third one: Last but not least, this is a great option for present buying. With this option you can store the game in your Steam inventory. So let’s say your brother’s birthday is in March, and you want to buy him a game so you can both play together. Well, you can buy a game at the discounted price on the Steam Christmas sale and keep it in your inventory, then you can send it to your brother on his birthday.
steam 8 last option


  • Step 7-Last stop before you complete your purchase, you will have to enter personal information in order to complete your purchase, you can choose between several payment methods such as paypal, credit card and steam wallet. When all that is done click purchase and voila!

steam 9 purchase
I really hope this guide will show you all the ways of giving a game as a present on Steam, from sending games right away to storing them for a later date, this system is a really great way to
do your online shopping.

Using this can make you become the cool guy who buys video games his friends. Introducing your friends to new games and playing with them can create amazing, shared, in-game memories, it certainly did for me!

If you think we missed something or just want to comment on our guide feel free to say so in the comments below