How to find the perfect gaming keyboard


It can get confusing when you’re searching for the perfect gaming gear, to be honest, there are so many choices and features, it can get difficult without any help or advice.

Our goal here is to try to assist you in choosing the right gaming keyboard for your gaming needs. We will look at what is a mechanical keyboard, yes some people might not know.

Take me as an example. I play video games every day until recently I didn’t even own a mechanical keyboard, I didn’t even know it existed. We will explain the different features this type of keyboards offers.

We will look at “gaming” features such as macros, ergonomic keyboard, backlit and much more, here is our guide on,


How to find the perfect gaming keyboard


What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Well, mechanical keyboards utilize an older technology that manually sends signals through a switch instead of how modern keyboards touch circuits together to send signals. Mechanical keyboards are known for their clicking noises, and while you may find this annoying, there are groups who seek a keyboard with a solid click noise accompanying each keystroke.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

The big advantage that the mechanicals boasts over the electronic keyboards is the sheer variety of optimization through the various switch “colors.” While the color of the switch doesn’t change anything, it is a manufacturer’s way of identifying the presets of each type of switch.

This means that a Red switch will typically be the same across brands with only slight variations to make your purchase choices easier to research.

While many companies produce custom switches, they are often based off of traditional models. So we’ll give a brief description of some of the common colors and exactly what they mean for your potential keyboard purchase.

Brown Switch Keyboards:

The Brown switch type is the most common for mechanical keyboards, although not on our list.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

The brown switch has an average required pressure to produce a letter or command on your computer screen and is designed to flow neatly through various types of programs.

Meaning if you have a family PC that you use for office work, gaming and maybe even homework the brown switch keyboard should handle all of those situations with ease. Typically the boards offer modest features and focus on comfort for extended use.

Blue Switch Keyboards:

The blue switch is the most common we have listed and refers to either the Cherry MX blues model or a direct replica of that model.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

These switches are a little more versatile than Brown switches, with a more concentrated focus on gaming. They often feature key locks that disable certain keys while gaming to keep accidents from interrupting a game.

These are usually better for a still shared PC, but one that sees a little more gaming than it does office work or social media.

Red Switch Keyboards:

If you are looking for optimal gaming responsiveness, these are the models for you. Red switch boards boast incredibly smooth keystrokes that are made to be hit fast and can handle multiple inputs at once to keep your games responding no matter how intense your match gets.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

Boards using red switches often feature a lot of altering to the functions of the board once a game starts to help you focus on the keys you need for the game and avoid any accidental program closing in a heated moment.

Custom Switch Keyboards:

While it is typical for most companies to follow the standard colors of switches, many well-known brands have developed special switches for a certain model or family of keyboards that utilize more refined features to tailor the keyboard to an exact use.

Most often this will be to create a superior gaming keyboard, but may also be utilized for a comfort model or even for typing large amounts. These models are ones to watch out for several reasons, good and bad. On the one hand, these models could be the exact keyboard you need to make your home computer experience the best it’s ever been.Corsair RGB best mechanical keyboard

On the other hand, they could be poorly made knockoffs or just poorly designed originals that suffer from a list of problems that could have been avoided if the manufacturer had just stuck to the norm.

Overall, the switch types typically are a sign of what the keyboard is geared towards, while the main functional difference between the switches themselves is the pressure needed to activate the command.

How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

So it’s possible to find a keyboard with features typical of a Red Switch keyboard that utilizes Brown or Blue switches. There are also a few other colors that are made more for creative applications and more office work or presentation building program optimization.

It is crucial to look into exactly how these keystrokes affect what happens on your screen and just how well your hands respond to different switch types. It is recommended to find a way to test out some keyboards before choosing a switch color or features you want to look for on your keyboard.

Are you looking for the ultimate gaming keyboard? Do you just want a keyboard with a cool customizable backlight? These all matter when choosing a mechanical keyboard. Also remember that a mechanical keyboard typically lasts at least ten times longer than an electronic, so there won’t be a need to replace it for a long time.

For those consumers who hate to not use a product until it can’t be used, it is critical to pick a keyboard that fits your needs.


What Else to Look For?

It is important to consider what you need out of a keyboard. If you are a gamer and are looking for a competitive keyboard look into what other professionals in the game you’re playing use.

Consider exactly what the keyboard has that makes the game easier for them, and then think about how that keyboard would work with your playstyle. Some keyboards offer near limitless macro programming, meaning you could potentially have macros for advanced functions of your game that are normally harder to pull off without remapping some controls.

If you’re not looking for a gaming keyboard, it’s best to focus on comfort, and several higher end models include wrist rests and ergonomic designs to keep you from getting wrist pains from long hours in front of the PC screen. These were particularly useful for anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel and needs to rest their wrists more often.

Remember that mechanical keyboards will most likely cost quite a bit more than modern electronic keyboards. Both types offer a lot of similar features in terms of things like backlit keys, macros, and other features that aren’t tied directly to how the keys function.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

Mechanical keyboards will typically be loud as well but are going to last longer. Their key value is for their durability and longevity, and it is important to remember this if you are comparing a mechanical and electronic keyboard with similar features.

The electronic board may cost only seventy-five percent of the mechanical keyboard’s cost but may need to be replaced in a couple of years.

Also be aware that most of the available models have a variety of versions that can tailor to different typing needs but offer the same features otherwise. Meaning you may be looking for a red switch type board, but like the features of a brown switch keyboard, you found.

That model may have a red switch version, so be sure to double check all the products you look at to make sure you don’t miss out on your perfect keyboard.

A large issue to be aware of with the mechanical keyboards is the overwhelming amount of knock-off style switches. The Cherry MX brand is known for having some of the highest quality switches and setting the standard for what makes a good mechanical keyboard.

This has led to a huge number of imitators, and very few companies are creating their custom switches or simply following a similar pattern. Many descriptions in buyer review sections will compare most mechanical keyboards to Cherry MX brand keyboards.

This means the quality is not always guaranteed, but finding a true quality mechanical keyboard and making sure it fits your specific needs can make your computer experience drastically improve.

Just as well, before deciding to buy a mechanical keyboard at all, there are several things to consider. One is that mechanical keyboards are usually going to be much more expensive than their electronic keyboard counterparts.How to find the perfect gaming keyboard

They also tend to be heavier and bulkier, making them harder to carry around but also harder to move around on a desk meaning they won’t slide while you type like some cheaper keyboards do. This is caused by typical metal and heavy plastic construction that boost the durability of these keyboards far beyond that of a conventional electronic keyboard.

A lot of higher-end mechanical keyboards even boast military and aircraft grade materials made to withstand massive amounts of force and abuse. So while they aren’t easy to carry around for on the go typing in comfort, they are perfect for home computers or the home station you set a laptop with if you prefer an external keyboard with your laptop when at home.

So, remember when going through the list of mechanical keyboards we have picked out for you to take a look at that each feature drastically changes how you control your computer and how comfortable you will be doing it.

Some of the advanced keyboards have a lot of customization and control features that may be overwhelming if you haven’t used something like them before.


It is recommended that if it seems like a model has too much that you try a lower end model first to avoid wasting money on features you either don’t need or just won’t use. So we’ll go through our list of keyboards and give a few pros and cons to help you get started on looking for your new mechanical keyboard!


To conclude

Finding the perfect keyboard for your gaming needs might seem like a difficult quest at first, but with some information and helpful advice, you will find one in no time.

We hope our guide has given you a clearer idea on how to find the perfect gaming keyboard for you, if you think we missed an important point, please let us know in the comments below.