How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk


How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk – Complete Guide


The central point of your work (or game) space is your desk, and choosing the right one for you can certainly be a daunting task. There are all sorts of desks out there, from tiny, to wide open, and Spartan, to hugely efficient gaming spaces.

There are desks that have cable management, space for a mouse, keyboard tray, and computer stands. And then there is just simple surface, big enough for all of your peripherals.

In this guide, we will outline some of the ways to choose the best desk for your needs.

It may seem like a simple task in choosing the perfect gaming desk for you, but there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so. These all depend on the individual, so take into account what you believe is the most important factor in choosing a desk and then go from there.


Computer Desk Ergonomics

You may believe that all you need for a proper gaming desk is a flat surface to put your monitor on, but don’t ignore comfort and ergonomics when selecting the right desk for you. Keep in mind that you might be using this desk for hours at a time for several years to come.How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk

Most desks are around 30 inches high, which might be perfect for the average person, but it isn’t for everyone. If it’s possible, try to test out the desk in person in a chair that’s similar to the one you might be using.

Make sure that you have enough leg room and that the surface is the correct height. To make sure it’s the right height, bend your arms to 90-degree angles and check if your hands rest comfortably on the surface. Desks with adjustable heights are perfect for this purpose.

Also, make sure that your chair can fit comfortably under the desk so that you aren’t sitting away from the desk in an awkward position. It’s a good idea to measure your chair’s height to prevent any surprises.

Finally, consider how your monitor will be placed on the desk. The screen should more or less be about an arm’s length away, so make sure the desk is neither too wide nor too narrow.


Computer Desk Shape

There are tons of desk shapes out there, perfect for any room. There are certain pros and cons to every kind of desk layout, whether choosing a corner desk, L-shaped desk, U-shaped desk, or more of a traditional rectangular desk.

Make sure that you not only pick a desk that correctly fits your work style and space but one that could potentially be adaptable in case you need to change locations. Here are some desk layouts to be considered for your gaming space.

U-shaped desks allow you to stretch out and create different zones for both working and gaming, all while keeping everything in reach. They do require considerable space, however. L-shaped desks offer the same benefits of U-shaped desks, though they need less space.

Depending on the desk, however, they might only fit in one particular location in a given room. A corner desk saves space and fits in many different room layouts, but you’ll end up facing the wall, with your back facing the room.

Straight, rectangular desks are the most common and versatile for placement in a room. They don’t always offer the most surface space, however.

Whatever shape you end up choosing, make sure you know measurements of both the desk and the room so as to be sure you are making the right purchase.


Storage and Working Surface

Some desks, despite their looks, are not very functional. They may look great but could be low on storage space and organization – or the other way around. Consider what’s important to you in a gaming space.

Do you need more drawers for storage? Surface space to accommodate multiple monitors? Think about how you want to set up your desk and then go from there.How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk

We recommend choosing a desk with the flattest space possible for its size. Some other features to consider include a pull-out surface and computer compartment.

Another thing to consider is whether you want the desk to include cable organization features.

Also, hutches can offer lots of additional storage space, however when they are attached to the desk, they can limit where you place items such as monitors. Also, if you want lower drawers, do you want them on the left of the right?

These are all important features to consider when choosing the right desk for gaming and working.


Construction and quality

Consider the quality of the construction. Does it feel sturdy? Is it put together well? As for the actual material of the desk and its surface, it’s largely a matter of style, though there are practical considerations, too.

As far as material goes, laminate is a popular choice for desk surfaces as it’s a cheap and affordable option. Make sure to look for a thick, high-pressure laminate. Cheap laminate desks are not worth your money.How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk

Metal and steel desks are more durable, and it’s easy to test the overall quality by feeling the desk’s overall weight. Wood and veneer are more traditional options for a classic look, but the surface can nick quite easily.

To gauge the quality of a desk, check the drawers. They should slide easily, and the rollers should be sturdy. If the drawers are of high quality, this is an indicator of the overall quality of the desk. Business Know How also notes:

“High-quality wood drawers are assembled with an interlocking (dovetail) construction; this is stronger than drawers put together with just staples or glue. With a steel or metal desk, take a look at the drawers when they’re closed. If you see a gap where the drawer meets the desk, the desk is not set right.

Examine the corners and edges of a desk. You don’t want to see any fraying.
The desk warranty itself will give you a good idea of the quality, durability and life expectancy of a particular desk.

Warranties typically range anywhere from a one-year limited to a lifetime warranty.”



This is a point we don’t like to talk about, but I think it is a crucial factor when purchasing any product. Especially a computer desk, since when we buy something this big, you want to keep it for several years. For a lot of people including me, the price is a major factor in purchasing a product. If you have a budget, I’d recommend lower end gaming desk.

In the end, it all depends on what you are looking for and what amount of money you are willing to invest for the perfect gaming desk. If you don’t need your gaming desk right now, I’d recommend finding the one you want and bookmarking it. You can check a couple of times a week it might get a discount, and you could save money for something else.


How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Desk

Desk Style & Space

Last, but certainly not least, is desk style. While a functional desk might be great and all, it could look heinous in a space. A gaming space that is pleasing to the eye can aid in being more productive, as the desk itself is usually the focal point of a work or gaming space.

Now that we’ve outlined a basic list of factors to keep in mind when choosing a desk let’s check out some of the best gaming desks on the market today.



There are so many gaming desks out there. It’s hard to come to a solid conclusion on what is the best gaming desk on the market for the value. Of the nine we listed in this article, the clear winner has to be the Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk.

For the price, it’s simply the best value out there for those looking for a gaming desk. With an L-shaped design, the desk is large enough to support multiple monitors while still having ample workspace. The desk includes a handy CPU stand which can be placed anywhere. Plus, it has a customizable keyboard tray that can be mounted in multiple places.