How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Chair


Guide On How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Chair


As a writer and a gamer, I spend 90% of my day sitting at my desk so having the best gaming chair money can buy is incredibly important to me, and I know first hand how stressful shopping for them can be.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out many different gaming chairs through the years both in my home and at conventions. But I know that finding a good chair online is a daunting task. You can’t try them out for yourself, and sometimes the pictures just don’t tell the whole story.

Below I will go over essential factors you need to take into considerating before purchasing a gaming chair. From their price, the features they offer their functionality, the material and much more. I find it very important to be informed before shopping for one of these computer chairs as some of them can cost quite a bit of money.


How to choose the perfect gaming chair

There are a few different things to keep in mind and to consider when you’re buying a new gaming chair. Your budget is, of course, the first and foremost.

Gaming chairs can be anywhere from under a hundred dollars up to a thousand. So before you start, have a price in mind. But what else do you need to consider? Continue reading to find out.

Time Spent Sitting

According to a 2014 Nielsen study, the average person over the age of 13 spent an average of 6.3 hours per week in front of a video game. That takes in to account everyone. With that being said, imagine hardcore gamers, professional gamers, casual gamers and even people who work in front of a computer screen.

Most of them are young, so they won’t have back or neck problems before hitting a certain age, hell for the most part of my youthful days I’d get a cheap computer chair with no ergonomic features since I never felt pain or discomfort. I was way too excited to play video games.

Nowadays video games have people very popular compared to 15 years ago, so it is crucial to get an ergonomic gaming chair, despite their prices being a little bit higher than the average gaming chair. Only recently have I started to get these types of chairs since I would wake up with slight back pains due to spending 10hours and more on a cheap gaming chair.

If you’re tight on budget, there are still some cheap gaming chairs that offer excellent back support. It takes a little more digging, but you can find some.


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Gaming chairs, for the most part, come in two kinds, computer friendly and console friendly. Computer friendly gaming chairs look like the seats you would see in racing cars if they were on wheels. They’re tall and designed to work at desks as well as be used for console gaming.

Console friendly gaming chairs are entirely different. They’re low to the ground and often come with built-in speakers. Of course, because they’re so low to the ground they can’t be used at a desk, so PC gaming is out.

Both types can be used for gaming, watching movies and working. It all depends on your preferred taste and your gaming setup. Some people prefer to play video games on computer chairs, and others like to be sitting on bean bags, as they offer different features compared to gaming chairs.



As I mentioned above, the price is one of the most important factors to look at before purchasing a gaming chair, but ergonomics comes in a close second. As a hardcore gamer, I sit nearly four to six hour a day on my computer chair, which is a lot.

So it is imperative to have a chair that will fully support you and offer the maximum comfort as if it doesn’t it might lead to back problems in the future. Despite their prices being a little expensive, I’d recommend getting an ergonomic gaming chair, believe me, your lower back will thank you in the future.



Some gaming chairs offer more customization than others. That is, options to move parts of it around to fit your needs and desires.

It might be extra lumbar support in the form of a removable pillow, or it might be adjustable armrests. Here are a few questions you should consider:

  • Does the chair recline or tilt? If it does, will it lock in the position I like?
  • Can the armrest height be adjusted?
  • Can the arm rests be removed entirely?
  • Does the chair have ergonomic support? If so, can that support be moved or removed to suit me?
  • Can I adjust the height?


Material Type

The comfort of your chair will primarily depend on the parts of it that your skin will touch. This is especially important if you decide to game topless or naked (we don’t judge).

Mesh and cloth tend to let air flow much better than leather, even the several different types of faux leather available on the market. Consider the room you’ll be using the chair in, is it a warmer place?

Don’t just think about what the room is like now, consider it when it’s the middle of summer as well. The last thing you want is to be covered in sweat and have to peel yourself out of the chair.

The type of material used also has a significant impact on how easy it is to clean. While mesh and cloth let air pass through much better than leather, leather is much easier to clean as liquids won’t soak into it (including sweat).



When you’re investing a small fortune in a particular product it is critical to read reviews before purchasing, well for me it is. I’d recommend searching the internet for specific product reviews and read the different comments people leave there. It can give you an excellent idea of the user’s experience. Keep in mind there are always people who love to bash these products.

Here is an example of a chair review that offers the users a right amount of information about the product. As you can see the reviews overlooks all the essential part of the gaming chair and even compare to other similar picks, giving the user the right amount of information before making the big purchase.



Yes, when picking out a chair you need to keep yourself in consideration. Your shape and size will have a significant impact on how comfortable you will be in chairs.

The racer style chairs are often very narrow while anyone with long legs can tell you how hard it is to get up out of a chair that is sitting low on the ground. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when looking for the ideal chair:

How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Chair

How much do I weigh? All chairs have a maximum weight they can support. This tends to be in the high 200s range. If you weigh more than that you’ll want to look into XL chairs.

How tall am I? The height of the seat of the chair will have an impact on how your knees bend while sitting. If you’re short, you don’t want a chair you can’t touch the floor in. If you’re tall, you don’t want your knees bent in an uncomfortable way that will put a strain on them and cause pain.

Are my shoulders broad? The racing style chairs often have narrow backs and have wings that curve inward, limiting the amount of space you have for your shoulders. For some, they’ll be up high enough that they won’t have an impact, but if you’re tall they may push on your shoulders.rocket pedestal best gaming chair

How wide are my hips/thighs? Just like with your shoulders, many racing style chairs have wings that come up out of the bottom of the seat that limit how much space there is for your legs. But even chairs without the wings can be a problem as armrests offer another barrier that your hips and legs must comfortably fit between.

Do I always sit with both of my feet flat on the floor/stretched out in front of me? Or do I like to sit with my legs crossed, my knees spread, or my legs moved in some way that is different from the usual way to sit? Once again the wings and armrest on racing style chairs are a hard barrier that makes it impossible for you to sit in any way other than with your legs out perfectly straight. If you want to sit in different ways, try looking for a chair without wings and has armrests that can move or be removed.

Once again the wings and armrest on racing style chairs are a hard barrier that makes it impossible for you to sit in any way other than with your legs out perfectly straight. If you want to sit in different ways, try looking for a chair without wings and has armrests that can move or be removed.

Do I have bony elbows? Some armrests come with padding on them to make using them more comfortable, but many do not. Consider how hard your elbows are and if they hurt after your average gaming session.

How long are my legs? You can have long legs without being an overly tall person. Keep your leg length in mind when you’re looking at chairs. You’ll want to be able to comfortably touch the ground as well as get up and down from the seat with ease.

There are some others things to ask yourself as well:X rocker how to choose the perfect gaming chair

  • Do I want built-in speakers?
  • Will I want to move the chair a lot?
  • Do I want a chair with wheels?
  • Do I need a chair that will fold up and store in a small space?
  • Who else will be using my chair?
  • Do the color and style matter to me?
  • How long will I be using this chair on a daily basis?

When you’ve answered all these questions, you will be able to start getting a sense of what kind of chair you’re looking for. There are a surprising number of questions that need to be asked compared to buying traditional furniture. But now that you know what you should be taking into consideration when you’re shopping you can buy the best gaming chair for your needs.



This concludes our guide on how to choose the perfect gaming chair. Finding a good gaming chair is very important, especially if you sit on it for several hours a day. You want your gaming chair to provide excellent support to avoid back pain when you get older. Another important point is the comfort. You want your chair to be as comfortable as possible.

Personally, I find the price is not a significant factor when you’re purchasing a gaming chair, sure you can buy a cheap gaming chair, but you might get back problem in the future.

Don’t forget to comment in the section below if our guide has helped you choose the perfect gaming chair.