How Gaming Can Help You Become a Better Person?


How Gaming Can Help You Become a Better Person?


Stereotypes surrounding gamers can be cruel, depicting players as lonely losers with no friends and zero ambition. But that’s woefully inaccurate. You can’t make a more accurate generalization about people who play video games than you can about people who watch movies.

The gamers of today are changing the world, and they’re more interconnected now than ever before. For every example of players engaging in harassment or self-isolation, there’s more that show video game enthusiasts as kind and generous critical thinkers with a thirst for knowledge and a gift for making friends. The power to make that difference is all in the hands of the players.


Your Memory Becomes Sharper

Recent studies suggest that games can keep the mind sharp in older people who play app-based games such as Candy Crush and other Facebook favorites. However, multi-player fantasy games, first-person shooters, and quest-based adventures enhance your memory, as well, regardless of your age.

Improved auditory memory comes from listening to or reading on-screen instructions for various aspects of the game. Because you have to remember where you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been, your visual memory receives a boost, too.

A keen mind capable of pulling details from past conversations and experiences is a boon in every part of your life. If you’re a gamer, you’re likely better at picking out which information is essential and acting on it with little delay.

How Gaming Can Help You Become a Better Person?


Gaming Turns You into a Problem-Solving Superstar

Everyone likes people who solve problems, and there are few people more adept at problem-solving than gamers. Critical thinking is an essential aspect of most, if not all video games, dating all the way back to the earliest game titles. Think back to the original Super Mario Bros., some of those jumps require deep analysis and clever workarounds. The more rules a game has, the more creative the gamer has to be. It takes problem-solving skills whether they’re fulfilling a quest, battling the boss, or trying to find all the Easter eggs and unique features of the game.

Since so many video games are timed, players also have to make decisions in the blink of an eye. Anyone who’s ever experienced an adrenaline rush from a gunfight in Grand Theft Auto understands the importance of split-second choices. Your decision-making skills are being tested the moment you decide on a console. You don’t often have time for trial and error, not unless you want to play a particular level over and over again. Being that fast on your feet makes you a better person because you can work out any problem that comes your way, and persevere to solve tough issues in the game and in life.


You Learn as You Play

The most fulfilled, exciting people never stop learning. People make the grave mistake of assuming that gamers aren’t interested in anything except games. Any claims that gamers don’t read, write, or care about other subjects, such as history, literature, or science is ludicrous. If anything, playing video games turn you into a more well-rounded individual because they introduce you to different cultures, time periods, and geographical locations.

How many of you played a version of Call of Duty and hungered to learn more about a particular war? Perhaps Assassin’s Creed or Prince of Persia piqued your interest in learning more about the history of the Middle East. Becoming immersed in GoldenEye might convince you to pick up and read the James Bond novels.

How Gaming Can Help You Become a Better Person?


Gaming Soothes Your Pain

It’s difficult for people in constant pain to ever be truly happy because they can rarely escape from the nagging aches in their bodies. Naturally, gaming itself acts as a distraction. You’re so into the world opening up on your computer or TV screen that you don’t notice how badly or deeply you hurt. The relief you feel is more than just a diversion, though.

As you lose yourself in your favorite digital world, the higher region of your cortical system produces a pain-relieving analgesic effect. Your body kills your pain, and all because of the way your video game affects your brain. Immersive games are the best at triggering this response, so bear that in mind the next time you’re searching for a new title to try.


Player Pals Become Lifelong Friends

Making friends through live play is just as legitimate as meeting a new pal at a bar or the gym. Consider the rate of new romantic relationships that begin online and their relative quality. It’s an ideal way for people with social anxiety to interact with folks who share their hobbies. Moreover, it offers the opportunity to talk to people from other cities, states, and countries. It’s not often that you get to mingle with anyone outside of your bubble. These relationships frequently spill over into real life, even if they only include following each other on Twitter and exchanging texts.

How Gaming Can Help You Become a Better Person?


A Better Awareness of What’s Fair

Some gamers like to grief, it’s true. But it’s rare that they take this behavior outside the game into other areas of their lives. Studies show that, in fact, video games can promote empathy. Even the simulated environment of a video game can promote strong feelings of guilt in players to take actions they know to be morally dubious.

Most video games have a hero and a villain. Watching their story play out while actively participating in it can get through to a bully in a way that practical examples and lectures cannot. Bullies who take on the role of a villainous character may even learn to experience remorse for their actions, both in the game and out of it.


Putting it all together

Gamers aren’t socially awkward shut-ins who do nothing but eat pizza rolls, drink Mountain Dew, and play all day. That’s a tired old trope that officially belongs six feet under. People who play games have the tools necessary to become valuable in myriad ways. They’re excellent listeners, impeccable problem-solvers, and loyal friends who understand the value of teamwork. How has playing video games made you a better person? Tell us in the comments

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