Hello everyone!

ExposeGaming is currently accepting guest posts, why now and not before? Well because the site was relatively new and we were still in the progress of learning everything, but now the site is growing, and I’d like to offer this service for people.

We want to bring something new to the table. Nowadays guest posting has become very popular, and people know it and abuse it, let me explain. In the past, we have contacted numerous site to write a guest post for them, 90% of response we got wanted me to pay to be featured on their website and we refused of course. Because of that, we decided to open guest posting on my site and even rewards the writers!


Why write for us?

Like we mentioned above we are fairly new and still growing every month, so if you want your content to be seen by millions of people, it might take some years. But if you want to learn and earn some small rewards, you are at the right place!

  • A chance to be part of a growing website
  • An author bio with a link to your personal site
  • 1-2 backlinks towards your website/articles
  • A reward system (explained below)
  • Might lead to an opening in our team
  • Gain experience and references by ExposeGaming
  • SEO Tips and Tricks
  • Your article on our front page

Reward System

The reward system is something that will give more incentive to people, especially people who don’t have a personal blog or website and want to write for fun. So depending on the number of posts that you write for ExposeGaming the reward will get bigger, here is how it will work for now.

  • 5 successful post will give you a 15$ gift card on Amazon US
  • 10 successful post will give you a 30$ gift card on Amazon US
  • 15 successful post will give you a 50$ gift card on Amazon US

For now, this is our reward system. Everything will be kept in a google sheet document, so no need to be worried. Eventually, the rewards will grow up as the site grows. Also, people who really perform might get an additional bonus, so keep that in mind.


What kind of articles am I looking for?

Ultimately, I am looking for high-quality content that will inform and help our viewers. Our goal at ExposeGaming is to help gamers out there pick out the best gear without spending a fortune. Here is what I am looking for:

  • Big gaming industry news that will stay relevant for months (Video games, Esports)
  • Guides or how to’s
  • Tips and Tricks in popular video games
  • Top list ( best games on ps4, best RPGs on PC, hardest bosses, etc.)
  • Reviews ( single items reviews, product reviews)
  • PC Hardware/Accessory guides


Guide Lines for articles.

This is a general guideline so writers can follow it and write a high-quality article if you don’t follow these steps I will ask you to modify your article or simply decline it.

  • The article must contain a minimum of 1000 words.
  • No foul language will be tolerated
  • No duplicate content ( We will check )
  • Original and unique content
  • You can add pictures/videos, but it is not required
  • No affiliate links will be tolerated
  • You can link back to your site if it brings value to your article
  • You can link towards big site like PCGamer, Wiki, etc


How to get started?

  1. You need to read this page completely.
  2. Explore ExposeGaming, too see the kind of articles it has and the style.
  3. Come up with a couple of suggestions
  4. Send us a well-written email with your ideas on our Contact Page.
  5. I will get back to ASAP with a decision.


I know this seems a lot, but we do not want low-quality content for ExposeGaming, would you ask a bad mechanic to work on your car, then go back 2 weeks late because something broke, no. Well, it is the same here. I am not looking for the best writer out there. I am looking for people who want to learn and practice, hell 10 months ago we had never written a single article in our life, and now look where we are!


Important Note before you start your adventure with us.

Do not start writing an article for ExposeGaming before we give you the green light, as we are the one choosing what will be published on ExposeGaming and what will be declined. Keep in mind not everything will get accepted if your text does not fit with our site we will decline it.

So if you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us by email via our Contact Page, or by Facebook. Thank you very much, and I will be looking forward to meeting these keyboard warriors!