Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs


Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs – Comparison Guide


As gaming becomes more and more popular over the years, so is gaming accessories, especially gaming chairs. Meaning there are a lot more chairs on the market, making it harder and even more confusing to choose between a gaming chair or an office chair.

Both types of chairs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Also, they both have their unique benefits. Gaming chairs are inspired by racing car seats and are designed to support their users for long gaming sessions while office chairs are the type of seat we are used to seeing in corporate offices, they offer a more sophisticated look that goes well with nearly any room.

Below I will compare both types of chairs in different categories such as the price, the comfort, the design, individual benefits, and much more. In the end, it all comes down to your own decisions and preferred taste.


Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs



One of the most important factor when purchasing a computer chair. For most people, we based our purchase on the price, we want the best product for the price, and it’s completely understandable. Fortunately for us, there is an enormous amount of gaming chairs and office chairs for us to choose from.

For gaming chairs, the price can vary from 100$ to over 500$ depending on the chair quality, the brand name, the customization, the comfort and much more. Nowadays there’s a lot of companies who design modern gaming chair for a cheaper price, which is great because it allows people with a tighter budget to purchase one. Keep in mind if it’s cheaper it is important to read the information to see if the chair is comfortable.

For office chairs, it is similar to gaming chairs but with some small differences. You can find really cheap office chairs, around 30$ up to really expensive chairs, around 1000$. Yes, you read that correctly, you might have heard the name Herman Miller, those are the leading high-end office chairs, every big corporate company has them since they offer the ultimate comfort. On the other hand, you can find really cheap office chair, but those chairs won’t stay comfortable for extended periods of time.

WinnerOffice chairs, as they offer a wider variety of prices, they are more accessible for gamers.


Comfort & Ergonomics

Another key factor when shopping for a computer chair. Before purchasing a video gaming chair, I’d recommend reading the product information, reviews and comments, as it is crucial for a gaming chair to be able to fully support your back to avoid back problems in the future. Especially if you spend more than 6 hours per day sitting on your chair.

When I was younger, I had not realized the importance of having an ergonomic chair since I was young and did not feel any back pain or neck pain. Now I’m almost 30 years old, and the past 3 years I have been working 10 hours a day sitting in a computer chair. A couple of years ago I would wake up with small back pains, so I decided to invest in a good ergonomic computer chair since I passed so much time sitting on it.Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

That being said, comfort and ergonomics are not the same thing, do not be confused by that. A computer chair can be ergonomic but not comfortable for extended periods of time. When looking at comfort, there are many things to consider, the chair material, the chair cushions, the armrests, the footrest (certain models) all of those feature fall in the comfort category.

Most gaming chairs offer ergonomics model, even the cheaper ones it seems to be an industry standard since gaming chairs are becoming more and more popular. When it comes to comfort the more inexpensive the chair, the less comfort it offers, but if your budget can handle it, you can find pretty comfortable high-end gaming chair even after several hours sitting on them. That is one of the reasons, so many Streamers use them.

Office chairs are very similar to gaming chairs in terms of ergonomics and comfort. Depending on the price, of course, you can find amazing ergonomic models, as I mentioned above, the Herman Miller is a combination of both, keep in mind it is extremely expensive. Since the price range is huge for office chair there’s a lot of models that aren’t very ergonomic since they cost next to nothing. So be very careful when purchasing a lower tiered model, sometimes it’s worth to invest extra money in a model that will support your back.

WinnerGaming chairs, as most models offer an ergonomic build even for their lower tiered model, also, most of them include an extra lumbar pillow and a head cushion, which adds, even more, comfort this its users. On top of having thicker seats compared to office chairs.


The Design

Design can be a major factor when choosing the perfect gaming chair, especially if you’re a Youtuber or a Streamer, where looks is a way to bring in more viewers. On the other side, if you’re a casual gamer who does not mind not having a matching gaming setup or a flashy gaming chair you can opt for a standard office chair.

How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Chair

There’s also a slight difference in the actual design of the chair, I’m not talking about the look but how the chair is created. Racing gaming chair will offer a higher backrest compared to a lower mid rest from the office chairs. A higher backrest area will offer you support for your neck and head, while a lower back will not offer that.

I have personally tested both, and I did not find a big difference between both, well maybe when I’m watching a movie and my head is resting on the high back area, but usually, when I’m playing video games I’m sitting straight, can’t relax when things get serious.

Winner: Gaming chairs, the design is one of the reasons gaming chairs are so popular compared to office chairs. They offer a flashy design with a variety of colors to choose from but be careful some model might cost more when choosing different colors.


The Materials

Computer chairs are constructed from an extensive range of materials, including leather, faux leather, mesh, vinyl, wood, fabric, and plastic. As you might see, there’s a lot of different material used in the creation of a gaming chair, so it’s essential to choose the right chair which you will feel comfortable sitting on it.

There’s a couple of questions you can ask yourself before getting a computer chair: How will it feel on my skin? Will it offer any support? How easy will it be to clean? How long will it last? Is the material breathable? For example, the easiest materials to clean are not always the most ergonomic. Therefore, I’d recommend reading and getting as much information you can before purchasing one of these.

Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

The majority of racing gaming chairs are made out of PU-Leather (short for “polyurethane leather”), which is a type of fake leather that is really similar to real leather. The reason behind using that kind of material is the cost, it is around half the price of real leather. Despite not being real leather, this material is comfortable and very easy to clean up, but it is less durable than genuine leather. Some high-end gaming chairs are covered in vinyl giving them a gorgeous and professional look.

This is where office chairs shine, as they have a variety of material types. Including leather, faux leather, vinyl, mesh, and fabric. Lower tiered office chair will be made out of faux leather as it cost next to nothing, a higher tiered chair will be made out of real leather, which cost a lot more but will last you a long time, the material won’t crack like faux leather. So depending on your budget and preferred taste, you can choose from a wide variety of office chair material.

WinnerOffice chair, simply because they offer a wide variety of material type, where gaming chair you’re stuck with pretty much one type of material.


Height and Weight Limit

Another crucial point we tend to not think about before purchasing, I can’t tell you the number of people who returned their computer chair because it didn’t support their weight and their height. We automatically assumed these chairs could support us, but it doesn’t work like that. I recommend making a little bit of research before purchasing a computer chair, to avoid the hassle of sending it back.

Despite their high backrest and size, most gaming chairs don’t support more than 250 LBS, which I find pretty low for what they cost. If you’re a bigger person I’d recommend you search for big and tall gaming chairs, as these model will provide the proper support for larger people. Unfortunately, as these model support more weight and height, they cost more than the average gaming chair.Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

On the other hand, gaming chair can support taller people thanks to their high backrest. The majority of gaming chairs even the cheapest one have a max height of 6’0″ which, in my opinion, is not bad. If you you’re taller than that, you might need to go in the high-end gaming chairs, as they provide up to a maximum height of 6’6″+.

Office chairs, on the other hand, are smaller and don’t always offer a high backrest area, but even the less expensive one will support up to 250 lbs easily. The reason behind that is office chairs were designed to support different types of people in an office, compared to gaming chair who are designed for gamers. Unfortunately, office chairs don’t have a high backrest, thus not providing a proper support for taller people.

Winner: Both!! Gaming chairs are better for taller people, where office chair can support a bigger maximum weight. Making them both good in their own category.


Functions and Customization

For most people, this is not an important factor when purchasing a computer chair, as most people only use the height adjustment feature. Like myself, I set up my chair the way I like and keep it like that for years. I still decided to include this category because it can be a key selling point for some people.

Merax Gaming Chair Review

Let’s be honest gaming chair offer a wider variety of functions, including 4d armrest, tilting, 360-degree swivel, reclining backrest, height adjustment and even the occasional foot rest. Some model even offers interchangeable wheel casters, to give even more “coolness” to the chair.

Most modern gaming chair includes a lumbar pillow and a headrest cushion that you can adjust or completely take out, which I find pretty cool. It adds an extra layer of comfort to their users. As I mentioned above some models are designed with a footrest, I personally never had one, but I am thinking about it. How awesome would it be to recline the backrest, pull out the footrest, take out a blanket and watch your favorite movie on your gaming chair.

Office chairs are a little bit more conventional, most of them only offer a slight tilt mechanism and a height adjustment. Some model offer armrest customization but not all of them. If you decide to go in the more expensive category of office chairs, you will have more functions, but nothing compares to gaming chairs. I’ve never an office seat with a footrest before, keep that in mind.

WinnerGaming chair, because it offers so much customization and functions, while most of it will not be used, it’s still awesome to have the freedom to modify things on your gaming seat.



The big winner here is the gaming chairs! Simply because they are the next generation of modern computer chairs. They take everything an office chair can offer and adds their own unique thing to the mix. Do not get me wrong office chair are still good and will remain good until the end of time, but like the saying goes ” There’s a new sheriff in town.”

Even though we compared different categories, in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Hardcore gamers and professional gamers prefer racing gaming chairs, while others might prefer the traditional office chair.

Did our gaming chairs VS office chairs article help you decide which of these two categories to pick from? If it did, let us know in the comments below.