Different Types Of Gaming Chairs


 6 Different Types Of Gaming Chairs – Guide


As a video gamer, gaming accessories are a very important part, especially when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. So choosing the perfect gaming chair is a crucial part when gearing up for gaming, but with so many different types of gaming chairs on the market, it tends to get confusing and difficult to choose one.

While a standard office chair will provide sufficient comfort for you to enjoy video games, but as a gamer, I know we tend to spend quite a bit of time sitinng on our gaming chair. Thus where gaming chairs come into play, these chairs are designed for people who spend extended periods of time playing video games.

That might be one of the main reason why professional gamers use these kinds of computer chairs. Because comfort can help them feel more relaxed leading to a better performance. On the other hand, non-professional gamers use these chairs mainly for comfort, but gaming chairs offer much more, a flashy design, a lot of customization and functionality.

Despite being a lot of different gaming chairs on the market, most of them are specifically designed ergonomically, meaning they take away the direct strain and aches on your back, neck and even in your legs, letting you concentrate and enjoy your favorite video game.

An ergonomic chair will also help preventing back and neck pain in the future. You might not feel it now because you are young, but believe me, as I got older I realized the importance of having a supporting gaming chair. Now I cannot live without one.


Different Types Of Gaming Chairs

Below you will find my list of the various types of gaming chairs. Before we explore these different kinds, I’d recommend, if you spend more than 4 hours a day sitting in front of your PC or gaming station, you should really consider getting one of these gaming chairs.


Racing Gaming ChairDXRacer Iron Series Review

The first thing that hits us when checking out these gaming chairs is their flashy and cool looking design. Most of them are built like the bucket seats found in racing cars. Making them very comfortable and refreshing over an extended period of times.

Most racing gaming chairs are ergonomically designed with many customization and functionality. The majority of these gaming chairs comes with a detachable back cushion and headrest pillow. They also provide height adjustment, armrest customizability, reclining backrest, tilting options and some models even features a footrest.

The material used to create these chairs is mostly PU leather, which is a type of faux leather, which is very easy to clean and does not cost a lot to make. Unfortunately, the material tends to crack and rip on cheaper models. Generally, it’s a comfy material that won’t irritate your skin.

Overall, these gaming chairs will provide an outstanding support for any type of gamers, in addition to all the fantastic option they offer. The only flaw is some of them cost a lot of money and some models are not made for bigger people.

Here is a good example of a racing gaming chairs: Dxracer Iron Series.


Office ChairTypes of Material for Computer Chairs

Way before “gaming chairs” were created, our only option was these standard office chairs that you can find in most modern corporate companies, even I used them for several years before converting to racing gaming chairs.

Most office chair model offers a proper back support as they were designed for office workers. Standard corporate job makes you work for around 8 hours per day, so they need to be ergonomic to avoid back pain and injuries.

Unlike our previous type, office chair offers a more traditional design, while some model has a more sophisticated look, most of them will fit with nearly any gaming setup you have. This type of chair does not offer as much of customizable options as our previous pick. You can find height adjustment, tilt option, sometimes armrest adjustment and the occasional backrest recline option.

Where office chair shines is in the material category, such as leather, faux leather, vinyl, mesh and fabric. This is something I find fantastic, offering its clientele a wide variety of chair material to choose from.

When it comes to the price, you can find a large price range when shopping for an office chair. It can vary from 30$ to 800$. You can buy incredibly cheap or extremely expensive office chair, which is great because it is accessible to virtually any gamer out there.

Overall, if you do not wish to have a flashy racing gaming chair but just want a simple looking chair which can properly support your back and neck, then I would recommend going with a standard office chair.

Here is a good example of an office chair: Herman Miller


Rocker Gaming ChairDifferent Types Of Gaming Chairs

I have not yet tested this type of chair, but I read a lot of good comments on them. These cool, rocking style gaming chairs let you sit closer to the floor, making them an excellent choice when it comes to console gaming and not a so good choice for PC gaming, but you can still use them for PC.

Unlike our previous picks, the rocker gaming chairs are designed to maximize the user’s comfort, instead of focusing on posture and ergonomics. Don’t get me wrong they are very comfortable, but you might feel discomfort after an extended period.

Rocker chair has an L-shaped design, with a heavily padded backrest and headrest. Some model even features an audio system, great for playing video games or listening to music or watching your favorite tv shows. Some of the higher-end rocker chairs feature speakers, subwoofers, vibration support, wireless receivers and RCA inputs, all of that to enhance the users gaming experience.

The material used for this type of chair is often polyester, foam, fabric, and even vinyl. Making them easy to clean, since as a gamer we tend to eat and drink sitting in front of our computers, even if we should not do it.

Overall, this is more a chair for console gamers or to watch a movie on your tv. If you’re a PC gamer, I’d recommend you look at other options.

Here is a good example of a rocker gaming chair: X Rocker® Pro 2.1


Bean Bag ChairDifferent Types Of Gaming Chairs

I don’t know if it does the same thing to you, but when I see a bean bag chair it automatically makes me remember of my childhood when I would invite a couple of my friends to play video games. What surprises me the most is the bean bag were quite popular in the 90’s and yet they are making a comeback in the gaming community.

Unfortunately, these chairs do not have an audio system, lumbar support armrests or even headrests. On the other side, bean bags provide the ultimate comfort for gamers, as you can sit or even lie down, depending on the size of the chair. Plus you can use it for other things besides gaming.

Most bean bags are covered with a type of material, suede or fabric. Generally, they are filled up with a kind of beans, which if the chair gets flat, you can open them up via a zipper and fill them up giving them their former glory. It is important to read what types of bean to fill them out, as some might not be compatible with bean bags.

What I like about this type of gaming chair is they are very affordable, there is some high-end model, but most of them do not cost a fortune. Also, they are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to move from room to room, plus your kids will enjoy them very much.

Overall, if you want a gaming chair to relax after a long day at work or a chair that will bring back childhood memories, I’d recommend going with a bean bag, plus it won’t break your budget.

Here is a good example of a bean bag chair: Big Joe Dorm Chair, Limo Black.


Pedestal Gaming ChairDifferent Types Of Gaming Chairs

This type of chair is very similar to our previous Rocker gaming chair, but with a pedestal. This gaming chair is slightly raised from the ground, thanks to its pedestal. This type is similar to a recliner, except that it can rotate/swivel like PC gaming chairs.

Pedestal gaming chairs are designed to be ergonomic, with a straight backrest area and heavily padded headrest and seat cushion, most models even features armrests. Making them a good choice for extended periods of time.

This L-shaped chair is often made out of leather, faux-leather or fabric, making them very soft and comfortable and easy to clean. Some high-tier model offers an audio system. Similar to the rocker gaming chair, this type of chair features speakers, subwoofers, built-in wireless receiver and an RCA stereo outputs.

Unfortunately, the pedestal gaming chairs are mostly used for console gaming, as they offer no height adjustment and they are very low from the ground. On the other hand, they make fantastic console gaming chair, plus you can watch your favorite movie, listen to music or simply relax on this chair.

Here is a good example of a pedestal gaming chair: X Rocker® Pro Pedestal Gaming Chair


Which Gaming Chair Is Best

To be completely honest it all depends on your personal needs. With that being said, some chairs offer different kinds of advantages and disadvantages. As you might have seen above, each type of chair provides a different ergonomic design, since some are created for gaming while others are for corporate office work.

When working in an office or from home, you need to stay upright with a neutral spine posture. Meaning your computer chairs need to support you to take off pressure off your back and neck.

On the other hand, the majority of gamers, will like to recline in their chair while playing video games. At the same time when things get serious gamers tend to sit up straight to be more concentrated, so having a chair that kindly provides different posture plus comfort is the perfect option for gamers.

Plus, gaming chairs can provide focused gaming options that can actually enhance the users gaming experience. If you’re a streamer or Youtuber, you could even benefit from the flashy and cool looking design of racing gaming chairs.

Here are some points that you should overlook before purchasing a gaming chair:

  • The price
  • The design
  • The Support it can provide
  • Type of material
  • Functionalities
  • Customization

Of course, there are other options to consider, but for me, those are the most important factors before purchasing a gaming chair. I am repeating myself, but in the end, you need to choose a gaming chair that will fit your personal needs and nothing else, some people prefer a certain model and some don’t. So before spending a good amount on a chair, be 100% sure it fits what you need as a gamer.



This concludes our guide on the different types of gaming chairs. As you may have seen choosing the perfect gaming chair for you is no easy task. There are so many types of chairs with different options, price, design and more.

So if you follow our guides on gaming chairs you should have no problem to pick the right one for you. When you finally choose one, I’d recommend reading comments about the chair and to try to sit on it before purchasing it, while this is hard since nowadays we order everything online, it can be a good way to test it.

Do not forget to leave us a comment below to tell us which is your favorite types of gaming chairs.