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Which Webcam Software offers the most Functionality, and why should I get it?

In this digital age that we all live in, many people are realizing the potential that webcams can have for transforming the ways in which we communicate with each other, do business online, and capture and store information. Though for the most part, the average webcam provides only the most basic functionality when it stands alone.

I have spent more than my fair share of time struggling with poor quality during conference calls, or getting frustrated with an inability to capture critical moments of a conversation on Skype due to the limited capability of webcams, which is why I have decided to make this list of some of the most impressive software packages (both paid and free), which I believe are perfect for transforming the way you use your hardware.

Are you looking for the best webcam software package that can offer you way more functionality in this regard? If so, then you might be impressed by these suites which are available for download now.

Best webcam software ( Paid )

Let’s begin with a few examples of paid webcam software since they offer greater degrees of functionality and stability:


YouCam 7

youcam 7 best webcam software

Cyberlink’s NewCam 7 Suite is a fantastic all-around program that offers functionality for both personal use and productivity. Like other similar tools, it allows for personalization of video chats with real-time video effects, frames, themes, emoticons, on picture distorters.

It also allows for visual enhancements and beautifying effects for both real-time video streams and captures by providing users with a creative photo editing suite complete with an assortment of powerful enhancement tools.

For business, it is perfect for capturing conversations in HD while enhancing your frames per second. It also allows for the implementation of PowerPoint presentations into your conversations, making it ideal for online corporate presentations and reports.

The suite also offers security tools for your PC and home, as it is equipped with a motion-detection based surveillance mode and face login PC access management.



manycam best webcam software

ManyCam is a powerful suite that is geared towards broadcasting videos. To this end, it incorporates the management of multiple video sources, being able to switch between up to 12 cameras.

This program also allows you to capture your desktop with relative ease so that they can be stored on your PC or uploaded to sites like YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, ManyCam also allows you to stream YouTube footage by simply entering in the video’s URL so that it can be incorporated into your stream.

ManyCam also allows its users to stream and broadcast on multiple platforms at the same time, offering functionality on sites like YouTube, Skype, Facebook, and Twitch.

Multiple streams and captures can also be easily overlaid with one another using this software, either as a smaller window within a larger one or by using the Chroma feature which allows for the removal of backgrounds so that new ones can be inserted.

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ManyCam Standard Editon

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ManyCam 5 Studio

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ManyCam 5 Enterprise

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iglasses best webcam software

For Mac users, ecamm’s iGlasses offers a set of powerful tools for fine-tuning your video stream in terms of quality, dimensions, lighting and effects. But what makes this tool a powerful one, is its ability to integrate with an assortment of popular apps.

It offers over 50 different effects, including face tracking and 3d effects and helps you get that perfect shot with a digital panning and zoom function.

iGlasses is a relatively simple yet powerful tool. It is also available for trial if you want to test the waters before purchasing it.

Best webcam software ( Fre )

Of course, not everything worthwhile needs to be paid for. There is quite the assortment of free webcam software suites out there which you can download and use right now:


Split Cam

splitcam best webcam software

Besides offering an array of effects to spruce up the mood of your conversations, SplitCam also allows you to use your webcam in various applications at the same time without receiving errors.

It also offers the use of 3d masking to replace objects in your stream with virtual objects to liven up your stream. It has support for multiple video resolutions and can be incorporated with most modern services.

Other services include the allowance of streaming from multiple sources including video files and external IP sources while giving you a platform to edit and upload footage directly from the program.



yawcam best webcam software

Yawcam offers a mixture of power and simplicity since it is based in Java script. In doing this, it provides an easy to operate user interface while providing standard functionality and features such as streaming, snapshots, motion detection and password protection.


NCH Software

debut video capture best webcam software

NCH Software’s Debut Video Capture Software is available either as a free version or a paid-for professional edition, and in each instance, it offers staggering functionality.

It allows you to record from multiple sources, including webcams, your desktop, external IPs and even VHS. This software supports multiple formats, allowing you to capture videos in Avi, WMV, Flv, mpg, mp4, move and a multitude of other file-types.

It comes with all the bells and whistles that we may come to expect from this sort of software, with image and lighting editing tools, multiple resolution support, time-lapsing, themes, frames, and overlays, or displaying text over your video.


IP Camera Viewer

ip camera viewer best webcam software

Deskshare’s IP Camera Viewer provides more functionality with regards to home and office security than your standard webcam software suite. It allows for the live streaming of up to four video sources at a single time, either from USB or IP cameras on a single screen so that you can easily keep tabs on your security at a glance.

It supports over 2000 different models of IP cameras from leading manufacturers like Canon, Panasonic, and D-Link.

IP Camera Viewer also allows you to adjust the orientation, quality, and variables of your streams directly from the application and provides a digital zoom function even if your camera doesn’t have one.



webcamtoy best webcam software

For those who are actively engaged in the social media realm, Webcam Toy is a fantastically fun application that livens up your conversations with over 80 different effects and filters. But what is it that makes it so impressive?

Well, it can be used directly from your browser by visiting their website and operates as a Google Chrome Extension. Making it relatively easy to share and stream your content online.

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Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive video editing suite, something to spruce up those conference calls, a way to better the security efforts of your home or office, or simply want to have a little fun on social media, these free and paid for webcam software suites are bound to change the way you communicate online.

I hope our list of best webcam software will help you choose the perfect software for your needs.Do you have any questions or comments, we would love to hear your opinion.