best mouse pad for csgo


Are you looking for the absolute best mouse pad for CSGO?

After hours of scattering the web, we found a list of all the Counter Strike Global Offensive pro players configurations, mouses, keyboards, screens and mouse pads.

We compiled below the four most often used mouse pads used by the CSGO professionals.

If some other website list more mousepads it’s most probably because they want to sell you something, those four are used for 95%+ of CS: GO Pros.

Remember that buying a new mouse pad for a first-person shooter like CSGO might lower your performance while you adapt to the new surface.


Here is our list of Best Mouse Pad for CSGO


4. SteelSeries QcK+ Gaming Mouse Pad

The QcK+ gaming mouse pad begins our best mouse pad for CSGO list. If you are looking for a simple, extra layer on top on your desk. You’ve found it. You’ll fall in love with its simplicity.

It is the thinnest of all four mousepads at 17.72 x 15.7 x 0.08 inches. The only downside to this mousepad seems to be that it wear off faster than the other three compared on this list.

3. Razer Goliathus Large CONTROL

Every gamer knows Razer. Their Goliathus is available in 4 formats, we recommend you choose the Large Control, it has a 17.49 x 13.99 x 0.12 inches format.

The Goliathus Control is available in 2 different styles, fissure, and gravity. The surface is the same, so it’s up to personal preference, remember you’ll be looking at it for the next years.

This mouse pad is the first in our list to be stitched on the side. This makes it more durable to the common peeling problem.

2. SteelSeries QcK Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

The QcK Heavy comes in the smallest form of all four mousepads at 450x400x6mm / 15.7 x 0.23 x 17.7 inches. The QcK Heavy has this name because it’s the thickest of available SteelSeries mousepads.

If you are looking for a long-term investment, this is the mouse pad to go with. Multiple users report using it for years with any tear or damage to the surface. This is your perfect LAN Party companion, as this mouse pad feels like a new surface and not only an extra layer on top on your table.

1. Zowie Gear Large Gaming Mouse Pad (G-SR)

Finally our #1 on the Best Mouse Pad for CS: 4GO. This mousepad is used by most professional players.

The Zowie G-SR comes in a 480 x 400 x 3.5 mm / 18.9 x 15.7 x 0.14 inch format. The Rubber base helps the overall stability of the mouse pad because it’s 100% flat, making the glide consistent during your clutch plays.

We recommend you take out a measuring tape to make sure you have the space available for the G-SR because it’s pretty big, the biggest of all four we compared. You also can go with the P-SR if you don’t have the space available. It is essentially the same mouse pad but in a smaller format.

The G-SR is stitched like the Goliathus, making it more resistant to the cover fabric peeling problem.

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As the game and hardware evolve we might see changes in CSGO professional players preferences, do not worry we got you covered, this guide is updated on a monthly basis!

Let us know in the comment section below if we missed any noteworthy mouse pads!