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Best gaming mouse

When it comes time to buy yourself a new mouse, you will quickly find that the market has been flooded with options. So, how do you work out which is the best gaming mouse? Is buying the one that looks cool always the best way to go?
No, of course not. Do you know what kind of mouse is best for your play style and the genre of games that you play? How about the way you hold the mouse?

As you can see, there are a ton of factors that will impact the quality of your experience with a mouse. Even the most expensive mouse isn’t meant for all play styles.

Finding a gaming mouse that fits your needs and desires is no easy task. There are some different things to have in mind when you’re looking at buying a mouse.

Which includes your own personal preferences. To help you work out what mouse will work best for you lets go through a list of different elements to look for and questions you can ask yourself to determine what works best for you.


How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Mouse

Before we start our compilation, it is important to know what to look for when purchasing a gaming mouse, especially if it’s your first gaming mouse.

We wrote a small guide on how to choose the perfect gaming mouse to enlighten people on what to look for when searching for a gaming mouse. The price, what do they offer in terms of DPI, do they have a lot of macros, can I adjust the weight, which grip is the best for me?

We think it is pretty important to know these things before ordering your new mouse, some mouse can be quite expensive, and if you realize the mouse you just receive does not fulfill your gamer needs, you won’t be happy.

To view our full guide, you can click on the title above!

Best gaming mouse under $50

We start this compilation with the best gaming mouse under $50. This part is focused towards people who are on a budget. It does not mean they are not good, in fact, some of them offer the same features as those high-end mouses.

In this list, we can expect mouses that provide different DPI setting, from 50 to over 10,000. Yes, that’s right a budget mouse with over 10,000 DPI Some of them even have an on-the-fly button to switch your DPI setting, perfect for FPS games quickly.

Don’t worry about customization, even if they are “budget” mouses they offer a lot of customization options. Using the mouse software, you will be able to change the led color of your mice. Some even have over millions of different combinations.

Same things with the macro editing, you need to use the mouse software to create macro and to rebind keys. The majority of them are easy to use so don’t worry.

Here is our list of best gaming mouse under $50


Best gaming mouse under $100

In this category, we are stepping up the game. The mouses in here are a little bit more expensive but don’t worry these are still pretty affordable. More expensive mouses mean more features, and this is what we will look at in this list.

The DPI of these mouses resembles our last compilation. They vary from 50 to 16,000 DPI which is a small upgrade. Some of them have the great on-the-fly DPI switching button for in-game DPI switching.

Unlike our last category, in this one mouses have a lot more some even have more than 12 fully programmable buttons. Perfect for MMO games, you can key bind your different skills & spells for quick access. Good for other types of games, but preferred for MMOs.

You can customize the led colors on your mouse. You won’t have to worry about the comfort because many of them have an ergonomic build for long gaming hours.

Here is our list of best gaming mouse under $100


Best FPS Gaming Mouse 2017

In this category, we are focusing on mouses for a particular type of games, the First person shooter genre. You might wonder, what kind of features does a mouse need to be categorized as a good FPS mouse.

First, the type of sensor. For FPS games the optical sensor will be a better choice over the laser one. The optical sensor offers more reliability, because of its precision and accuracy. Plus optical ones are modifiable compare to laser ones.

The DPI is another great point to look at. Mouses in here offer different levels of DPI. It can range from 100 to over 10,000 DPI. Lower DPI will provide you a less sensitive mouse pointer, and a higher one will increase your mouse sensitivity, you can set it to your personal taste.

The last point we based our picks on is the weight/comfort. Playing FPS games is addictive therefore you will play long hours, so having an ergonomic mouse is a must. Weight adjustment is a strong point as well, depending on your play style, some of these mice offer modifiable weight change, which I find pretty amazing.

Here is our list of best FPS gaming mouse 2017


Cheap Gaming Mouse

Yes, you read that right, cheap gaming mouse. You would be surprised at the number of people who don’t want to buy a high-end gaming mouse, why you ask? Some people are casual gamers and mostly play solo games, they do not need a significant amount of buttons or different levels of DPI.

The funny thing is mouses in this category despite their low price offer similar gaming features has the high-end gaming mouse. It’s kind of cool.

The only thing different from the other mouses in this category is their build quality, limited customization, and their lifespan.  As mention above, even if these mice are “cheap” some of the have programmable buttons even up to 8 programmable buttons.

In terms of DPI, they can even compare to some high-end mouse, some of them even go up to 7200, with different level of settings.
Unfortunately, on these mice, you won’t find the on-the-fly DPI switching button.

here is our list of Best cheap gaming mouse


Best Wireless Gaming Mouse

We can’t forget wireless mouse. Wireless mouses aren’t very popular in the gaming world. Gamers often have a prejudice against wireless mice, why?  When they came out, wireless mice weren’t very good. I won’t lie, even I didn’t like them very much. The signal was not optimal it would often cut out, and you would lose your cursor, not very fun when you’re playing online.

They did not have any battery life indicator, imagine you’re in an intense online battle vs. the enemy team and your mouse powers off. Any gamers would be pissed, especially pro gamers, it might not be a problem if you’re playing offline games.

Nowadays all of that has been upgraded. The signal is way more optimal, whether it’s by USB dongle or by Bluetooth the signal strength is better as well as the signal length. Again it might not be the best mouse if you’re a hardcore online gamer since they can still lose the signal but they are still pretty reliable.

Some mouses even have a battery life indicator. It could be by led display or by a small led light. It could blink or change color when the battery life is low. This is superb, instead of your wireless mouse powering off in the middle of an online match, with the indicator you could change the battery between matches.

here is our list of Best wireless gaming mouse


Best High-End Gaming Mouse

Now we are entering the big kid’s school. I will be honest right off the bat, these mouses are not for everyone since they are pretty expensive, but if you got the budget for them, then it can be worth it. You do not need a high-end mouse in order to play your favorite game, in fact, they will only slightly enhance your gaming experience.

The mouses in our list are very customizable. Like other mouses, they offer fully programmable buttons, led color customization, weight adjustment tuning and even different DPI settings. What difference they have with other mouses is some of them are fully modifiable, I mean interchangeable grips, sensor and even buttons, that kind of customization.

Plus some of these mouses have unique looks. I like to call them the “transformer” look because they look like a transformer. On top of having a very nice design, they offer a superior build quality, even if you drop them a couple of times they won’t break easily.

Here is our list of Best High-End Gaming Mouse


As you may have seen on our list, there are so many choices out there. When you’re trying to find the perfect mouse for your gaming needs, there is so many features to look at, the different DPI levels, the customization, numbers of buttons, if they are wired or wireless and the comfort.

We hope our list of best gaming mouse has helped find your perfect mouse. If you like our list, don’t hesitate to comment below.