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The world of gaming PCs is a tough market to crack. There are all types of ups and downs associated with picking a gaming computer that’s right for your lifestyle.

You can even run into issues in finding a computer with the specs you want. Maybe you care more about the sound than the graphics, but all the computers you find that will run Titanfall 2 have subpar sound quality.

One of the best ways to overcome the agonizing pain of finding the perfect match is to build your PC yourself.

Today we are here to go over one of the most important parts that your new powerhouse will need the casing.

Best Gaming Cases

How to find the perfect gaming case

Before we start our list of the best gaming cases in different categories. I find it important to know what to look at when purchasing something that important.

It can get pretty confusing as there is so much thing to overlook when buying a gaming case. Especially when you’re building your first PC.

Here are some of the aspect we covered in our guide. The size of the tower, depending on what kind of hardware you are putting in your gaming rig.

The motherboard compatibility. Most cases currently support all the traditional ATX sizes, but it’s crucial to make sure you got the right measurements.

The number of expansion slots, which are essential to installing working parts within your computer. The number of USB ports which allow for many accessories to connect and communicate to your computer.

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Best Gaming Cases Under $50

The first category on our list. Best gaming cases under $50 are considered budget cases and are perfect for people who starts their PC building career.

Do not forget, budget does not mean it’s not good. In fact, these computer cases will do a great job. They offer a minimum of seven expansion slot which is enough to build a respectable gaming computer.

Most of them support all of the popular ATX sizes motherboards, so you won’t have to worry about that. Plus most of them offer between 2 to 4 USB ports. Some even have USB 3.0 ports.

Unfortunately, these cases don’t have a flashy design. They are pretty simple and clean. The good side is they are not huge, so they will fit on most computer desks.

Here are our five picks of best gaming cases under $50


Best Gaming Cases Under $100

The second category on our list, best gaming cases under $100. Similar to our first one these cases are still considered budget gaming cases, as they do not cost a fortune and offer amazing features.

I included a mini tower case on our this list. They are not the most popular picks, but some people prefer them as bigger tower cases.

Most of our picks support the traditional type of ATX size motherboard. Plenty of expansion slots, the right amount of USB ports to connect your favorite devices.

Most of the cases I picked can hold just any setup you have in mind, from water cooling to a multi video card setup. Cable management won’t be a problem as well.

Here are our five picks of best gaming cases under $100


Best Gaming Cases Under $200

Now we are entering an exciting zone, best gaming cases under $200. A definite upgrade from our two last categories.

Some of the cases on our list are full towers, meaning they are quite heavier and larger than our mid towers. Full tower is good for people who want to add more hardware to create a high-performance gaming PC.

Another big difference is the design, the gaming cases on our list have a gorgeous design, with bright led colors and windowed side panel. The design is not necessary, but it’s always a fun bonus.

These support quite a lot of motherboards which is great. With a good amount of USB ports. Around the same number of expansion slots as our previous categories.

Here are our five picks of best gaming cases under $200


Best Gaming Cases Under $500

I’ll be honest right from the start this is an overkill list. Most of these cases offer so many features that normal gamers won’t even use. These cases are more for hardcore gamers so that they can show off their amazing gaming rig.

These cases are perfect to build high-performance PC, as they offer tons of space so you can put even more hardware to create a beastly PC.

These computer cases are beautifully designed. Clean, simple and some even have tempered windowed glass, to show off your sick gaming PC.

Similar to the previous compilation these have the same amount of USB ports. Around the same amount of expansion slots as well.

The difference is the quality of the materials, better cooling system. Most of our picks support water cooling.

Here are our five picks of best gaming cases under $500



This concludes our compilation of best gaming cases. As you may have seen above, it is not easy to pick the right computer case for your PC build.

You need to overlook a lot of important aspects before getting one. In the end, it all depends on what kind of build you want. A budget build to play casually? A strong gaming PC to play recent video games? A high-performance to play pretty much any game at ultra settings?

I hope our list of best gaming cases has given you a clearer idea of what you are searching for regarding tower cases. Do not forget to leave us a comment in the section below.