Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair


Top 5 Benefits Of Using A Gaming Chair


As a gamer we tend to spend quite some time sitting on a chair, whether it’s for PC gaming, console gaming or simply watching your favorite tv show, sitting on a cheap chair can lead to future back problems.

Meaning, seated in the same position for hours can cause long-term damage to your spine, leading to back pain, neck pain, and limited range of motion. You might not see these problems right away as those kinds of injuries take a long time to come out. Especially when you are young, I was the same, but today I’m 28 years old, and I start feeling some pain when I wake up in the morning.

The thing to do to avoid these kinds of injuries is to find an ergonomic gaming chair that will support your back, neck and offer comfort. Nowadays even the lower tiered gaming chair provide the support needed, as video games and jobs are done sitting on a computer chair.

Below, I will overlook some benefits of using a gaming chair, from the comfort to the design and much more.


Improved Posture


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Gamers have never had the best posture, especially when we were younger or when things got serious we would sit on the edge of our chairs. As you get older, your posture may deteriorate because of bad habits.

Good posture is an integral part of body language when you go for a job interview, or you meet the parents of your girlfriend, having the right stance might help you in those situations. Also, it is good for your health, as problems might surface because of years of bad posture.

As I mentioned above, even the cheapest gaming chairs are designed to offer a proper back and neck support, since ergonomic is a crucial part of gaming chairs. Most gaming chair models are developed with a high back-rest, providing the much-needed support.

Unless you’re always sitting on the edge of your seat, you pretty much have no choice to sit straight in these gaming chairs. Some high-end model even comes with two extra cushions, one for your lower back and the other one for your neck, offering, even more, comfort to its users.


Improves Your Gameplay


This seems absurd at first, but I can assure you it’s true. Having excellent support will make you less distracted by back and neck pain. Making your stress levels drop, thus making you perform at a higher level of gameplay, better than you initially would. One of the many reasons professional gamers use these kinds of gaming chair.

With their high back-rest area, you pretty much have no choice than to sit correctly giving you, even more, concentration rather than leaning back in your chair casually.

Comfort can help you relax when you get angry at a video game. Trust me on that one, I was once a hardcore League Of Legends player, and I cannot count the times I raged at that game, and it affected my gameplay. At that point I did not own a gaming chair, I used standard office chairs, but if I had a comfortable gaming chair, I am sure it would have helped me take off pressure and helped me improve my gameplay.

Keep in mind you won’t become a professional gamer if you decide to purchase a gaming chair, practice and skills are the most crucial factors to improve gameplay, but gaming chairs can slightly help you improve.


Improved Circulation


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Have you ever get up and felt your legs a little numb or asleep? Did you ever experience that pin and needle feeling? If so then you might have the right gaming chair for you. That might be caused by the edges of the chair or the poor quality of it.

While this is not as big of a problem than back pain, you might encounter leg and foot problem down the road, especially if it happens every day. One of the best ways to avoid that is by getting a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are designed to have edges that gets the blood flowing to your legs, making the user more comfortable.

The human body was not designed for sitting for an extended period. Especially nowadays where gaming has become so popular and a lot of people work sitting in their computer chair. Hence the importance of a quality gaming chair, they will keep the blood flowing while allowing you to sit down comfortably.


Design and functions


While this is not for everyone, a significant majority of people like to have flashy gaming station. To have one, you need all of your accessories to match a specific color palette, including your gaming chair. Streamers and Youtubers are the ones that will benefit the most out of the design, as it will add a “coolness” effect to their gaming setup.

Compared to office chairs, gaming chair offers a wide variety of functions. Some models feature a reclining backrest, 360-degree swivel, tilting feature, customization armrest and sometimes a footrest.

Gaming chairs are designed for easy cleaning/maintenance compared to the standard office chair. Depending on the material you choose, faux-leather, leather or even plastic. Most of these materials are very easy to clean and require minimum maintenance, making them a good value for your money.


Affordable For Any Gamers


When racing style gaming chairs first came out, they costed a fortune, similar to any new product on the market. Nowadays they are very much accessible to many types of gamers, casual, hardcore, on a budget. Also as I mentioned above, even the cheapest gaming chair offers excellent ergonomics, so you won’t have to worry about that part.

If you want a long lasting gaming and don’t want to spend a fortune, then these gaming chairs are the right option for you. If your budget can handle it, you can choose to purchase some high-end gaming chair, like the DXRacer King Series. As the price goes up so does the quality and the functions of the chair.





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This concludes the benefits of using a gaming chair. There are a lot more advantages when using a gaming chair. The ones listed above are what, I think, are the most important of them all. Of course, the posture is the main factor when purchasing a gaming chair.

I’d recommend getting an ergonomic gaming chair as soon as possible, no not make the same mistake as I did and wait years before getting one, because I felt no pain or discomfort. I can assure you, you will not feel it right away, but as you get older, the pain will start to increase leading to back and neck problems.

Plus while improving your posture, you can benefit from other things like, improving your gameplay, getting more immersed in your favorite video games, improving your blood circulation, all that while gaming in style.

If you think we might have missed a significant benefit, do not hesitate to let us know in the section below.