Author: Graham Keeler

Upcoming Pc Games October 2016

October of this year really heralds the start of an amazing couple of months in gaming, leading up to Christmas. In October we’re treated to a remastering of the best RPG of all time, a couple of thrilling first-person shooters and another addition to an incredible turn-based strategy franchise. Let’s see what’s coming up! BATTLEFIELD 1 – OCTOBER 21ST 2016 This game is one that I’ve been particularly looking forward to. An absolutely epic looking first-person shooter, set at the time of World War 1. Battlefield 1 lets you lay waste to your enemies in locations as varied as...

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Upcoming Pc Games November 2016

November is always a big month for new games, and at Imperial Games we feel especially lucky this year. Check out these amazing new games that you’ll be desperate to add to your collection (we know we are). Football Manager 2017 – November 4th 2016 The Football Manager series is wildly successful and it’s easy to see why. Doesn’t every soccer fan love to complain about their team’s manager? In football manager, you can just do the job yourself! I have personally lost weeks playing this game, staying locked up in my room for days at a time, only...

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