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Reimagining Your Gaming Experience

The gaming industry is growing at an astronomical rate, giving all other entertainment industries a run for their money. Video and PC gaming – the two major trends in gaming have amassed so many users over the years and have also evolved with the latest and futuristic technologies including augmented and virtual reality. Besides the unlimited fun that video games provide, they also help increase vision, reduce stress, lighten depression, improve decision-making skills and ability to multi-task.  Online gaming, which is gradually taking the industry by storm is beginning to change the way gamers play their games – whether...

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What You Should Not Forget When Setting Up a PC for Gaming

What You Should Not Forget When Setting Up a PC for Gaming The thought of setting up a unique gaming PC often crosses gamers’ minds. What could be better than getting exactly what you want? Playing games at the desired power supply and ideal frame rates to enjoy smooth performance is heaven for hardcore gamers.  Setting up your own gaming PC is not only cost-effective but also allows you to keep the door open for upgrades according to your requirements in the future. On average, it costs around $1,200 to buy a gaming computer, but it costs around $750-$1,000...

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The Experience of Playing Fortnite on Your Mobile Devices

  The Experience of Playing Fortnite on Your Mobile Devices   Fortnite has become a wildly popular game. The game has a colourful and competitive multiplayer Battle Royale mode that has garnered popularity for its style, re-playability, and the attention its garnered on sites such as Twitch. It was particularly talked about when famous gamer Ninja partnered up to play with Drake. Now, Fortnite boasts over 200 million players with no signs of stopping. With the wild growth of Fortnite, Epic Games has expanded the platform to include mobile devices but is the experience the same as those used to playing...

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Best Gaming PC Under 400$

  BEST GAMING PC UNDER $400 Want to make absolute best custom gaming pc under $400 budget? Then the following gaming pc build is for you. With this build, you can play the latest AAA games on it with decent frame rates and if you want to increase the game performance you’ll just have to turn down the settings on demanding games to get satisfying performance. But when it comes to old games or eSports games like CS:GO, GTA 5 this cheap gaming PC build could be all the power you need. Or if you don’t mind playing games...

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