Are Video Games Good For Your Kids


Are Video Games Good For Your Kids?


Are video games good for your kids? This question has been asked for so many generations. I remember when I was young ( I’m 27 years old now ), people would ask that question to my parents because they let me play video games. Today, I got a house, a wife, a beautiful little boy and I’m working on hard towards my dream job. All of that while playing video games, I guess they aren’t that bad right?

Before we go into the depth of the article, I want to share my opinion on the matter. I don’t think video games affects kids. Everyone has their personalities. It doesn’t make them more violent. It doesn’t dull their brain. Your kids won’t be anti-social. These are all things I’ve heard over the years and let me tell you from all the gamers I know. No one has ever had any of these symptoms.

On the contrary,  video games can help you on many different levels. I believe it can help you be more social, especially nowadays with all the online gaming and their in-game voice chat. It is very easy to speak with other gamers and develop a relationship. Gaming can also teach you many useful skills such as learning a language. That is how I learned English. French is my mother tongue. They can also show you solving problem skills, quick thinking, and leadership.

Before we go in continue our article here is an amazing infographic on the subject, from MaternityglowTake a couple of minutes and read it, it is fascinating for parents.


Here are six reasons why video games are good for your kids


1- It can help them develop their social skills

As I mentioned above, a big part of video games are played online with other gamers. These games rely heavily on teamwork and communication. That means a vast majority of them have built in-game voice chat to simplify communication with others. Don’t worry your kid is not required to speak to others to fully enjoy the game.

Depending on the video game, I’d recommend letting your kid speak with others as it will develop their social skill and possibly make new friends. In school, I was a very shy kid I didn’t have a lot of friends, only gamer kids and at the time almost no one played video games, the only kids that did were considered “nerds.”

If I had the same gaming technology we have today, I might have had more friends and be a little bit less shy when it came to socializing with others, even today I don’t really like that. So parents let your child talk to others even though sometimes they might encounter people with foul language. An excellent experience it might require a little supervision though.



2-Teach Problem-Solving Skills and Creativity

This is one of my favorite reason because it helps you a lot later in life when you grow up life because way more challenging and many problems appear. Playing video games where you need to solve puzzles will help greatly in their problem-solving skills, as they need to solve the puzzle to advance. I remember when I was younger, and I played The Legends Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, I had to think out of the box to complete certain dungeons. Today it helps me greatly when I try to solve problems at work.

The same thing with the creativity, some genre of video games offers you a multitude of ways to get to the end results, making you use your creativity. Another great skill to have for everyday things. I remember when I was older I did an electricity course, and we had to write down program codes to program traffic lights. I didn’t like how the teacher told us to write the codes, so I decide to go another path, and I ended up with the same results.

I’d recommend video games where your child has to be creative like Terraria or Minecraft, open world crafting games.

Are Video Games Good For Your Kids

One of the many creations you can do in Minecraft


3-Improves family relationship

This one might seem odd at first look, but believe me it most case it will. Nowadays video games are for everyone, they are not just for kids anymore, plus now you can have more than two players, so the whole family can play. On top of that, video games have become more and more popular among the new generation, in particular for girls. Compare to ten years ago, the percentage of girl gamers has increased a lot.

When I was young, I had the privilege of playing video games with my parents, both of them, which was very rare at the time, all of my friends were jealous. It created amazing memories, and it brought us closer as a family. I still remember when my father, my brother and me played Final Fantasy XI together for many years, even if we stopped playing a long time ago we still talk about it often.

Are Video Games Good For Your Kids

Having fun with the whole family.


4-Increase dexterity & Multitasking skills

This applies more to FPS games and MOBA types, as these require reflexes and multitasking. I will use the MOBA genres. These are games where you control one character in a 5 vs. 5 matches. The goal is to destroy the enemies base all that while farming NPC for gold and fighting other players.

In these games you need to multitask and have good reflexes, let me explain. While you are killing NPCs for gold, you need to dodge your opponents attack while counter-attacking and looking at your minimap so other members from the other team don’t gank you. At first, this sounds like a lot of things to do but believe me, has you play it comes naturally.

In addition to paying attention to all those things, you need to use both your hands to control your character which after multiple hours will enhance your kid’s multitasking skills and improve their dexterity. Yes, all of that while playing video games.

Are Video Games Good For Your Kids

Gameplay from League of Legends


5-Improves Memory

This is a great skill to have, a lot of video games demands players to remember things to advance. Especially in RPG games, my favorite type of games. Most RPGs obliges the player to read and remember certain instructions or rules to complete missions.

There are other types of game to train your memory. Puzzle games are great as well. I’d recommend introducing these kinds of game to your child, it will greatly help them later in their life, especially in school where you need to memorize a lot of things. Plus you could become that cool kid who remembers everything.

Are Video Games Good For Your Kids

Good memory game for kids



6-Helps them relax and relieve stress

Yes, you read that right, kids can be stressed out, especially nowadays with the pressure they can feel at school or from their parents. I haven’t been to school for a long time, but I remember my parents pushing me to have good study hard and have good grades. I understand the logic behind it, but it led me to “escape” the real world and to play video games, I felt relaxed and no pressure when I was gaming.

It can help them as well if they are getting bullied at school, kids these days can be pretty evil, especially with social media. Playing video game can help them escape reality and have fun in the online world. I know it helped me a lot when I was younger. It’s a good way, but be careful to much is like not enough, you need to set limits for your kids.

Are Video Games Good For Your Kids

A very good relaxing game



This concludes our article on are video games good for your kids. I hope this list as given people a new perspective on the matter, as this question is still asked today. I also hoped it showed people the benefits your kids can gain from gaming.

As I mentioned, in the beginning, my parents introduced me to gaming when I was very young, and now it is my turn. When my baby boy because older I will introduce him to gaming. Like anything else in life, your role as a parent will be to supervise your child’s gaming activities so he can fully gain the benefits they offer.

We want to know your opinion on the matter. Leave us a comment in the section below.