Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good


Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good?

Tempered glass computer cases are standard PC cases with one or more of the sides replaced with tempered glass. This makes them see-through and means you can actually look at your PC’s components while it’s on and working.Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good

These cases don’t provide any actual benefit regarding cooling or speeding up your PC, the only reason people buy them is because of the way they look.

While there’s nothing wrong with this, one of the issues with products designed purely to look good, is that they sometimes cut corners when it comes to performance.

With so much focus on making tempered glass cases look as cool as possible, have any compromises being made with regards to how well the products work? In other words, do tempered glass cases perform as well as typical cases, or do they come with downsides?


Computer Performance

When most people think of the word ‘performance’ with regard to computers, they’re usually talking about how fast it is, the amount of RAM it has, etc. Mostly they mean how quickly and well it performs.

If this is your definition of performance, then tempered glass cases stack up absolutely fine compared to standard plastic or aluminium ones. There’s no reason that having a case with sides made of tempered glass would have any affect on the speed or power of the hardware inside. If your concern with these cases is that it might have that effect, then there’s no need to worry.

However, there are some legitimate concerns to be had when thinking about whether it’s worth getting a tempered glass case, these don’t affect the performance of the computer per say, but they do give you some things to consider before making the purchase. We’ll look at these below.



The first thing most people think about when someone mentions glass is how easy it is to break.Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good

You don’t want to accidentally knock against the side of your PC case, and watch in horror as the panel shatters and covers your carpet with hundreds of invisible shards of glass.
So it’s crucial that the glass used in your case be tough, and very hard to break.

What I’ve found generally, is that the tempered glass used in cases is pretty tough. Obviously, I didn’t smash any cases with a hammer or anything, but I did give them a knock, and in every case, the glass was pretty resilient.

However, if you’re thinking of buying one, I would definitely read some reviews beforehand. Don’t just assume that the glass will tough enough before you buy. The main lesson with regards to fragility is not to cut corners. You need a good quality of tempered glass. Otherwise, you’re just asking for trouble. So please don’t try and get a really cheap ‘tempered’ glass case.

Otherwise, you might end up with a case a lot weaker than you expected, and possibly with glass all over your floor.



Tempered glass isn’t cheap, and these cases are pricier than usual plastic ones.Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good So if you’re short on cash, you’d probably be best off just sticking to a regular case instead of trying to get a tempered glass one.

As mentioned above, I would caution against picking up a really cheap ‘tempered’ glass case, as making sure that the glass is sufficiently tough is really crucial for making sure it doesn’t just break all over your floor.

Therefore, if you want to get one make sure that you can afford to get a proper one. Please don’t look to save money by picking up a budget alternative.



Glass is a lot heavier than plastic, so having a tempered glass case will add some significant weight to your PC.

Whether this is an issue or not is up to you. If you tend to move about a fair bit and want to take your PC with you, then the extra weight could end up being a real deal breaker.

If on the other hand, you don’t travel very much and you’re happy to leave your PC where it is, then the extra weight probably won’t be a big deal to you.

The issue of weight isn’t necessarily a problem for desktop computer users but is something worth thinking prior to purchase.


Are Tempered Glass Computer Cases Good


Unfortunately, cases tend to pick up knocks and scratches. It’s just a part of owning a PC that at some point your case will sustain some small aesthetic damage.

While there’s no reason why tempered glass cases would be any more likely to be knocked into, there is a question as to whether they are tougher and therefore less likely to sustain damage than regular plastic cases if you were to knock into them.

In my experience the answer to this is yes, they do tend to be tougher than standard plastic cases, and they’re probably less likely to actually scratch if you were to knock them.

However, this is kind of a double-edged sword. Because while they are less likely to sustain damage, any damage that does occur is going to be far more noticeable than it would be with a normal case.

There are two reasons for this. One, glass just shows up scratches more easily than dark plastic. And two, you’re far more likely to notice a scratch on a tempered glass case because you’ll spend much more time looking at the side of a glass case (that’s the whole selling point) than you will a plastic one where you can’t see anything.


Here is a Youtube review of the Phanteks Evolv ATX Tempered glass case, one of the most popular cases in this category.





This concludes our article on are tempered glass computer cases good. Tempered glass computer cases are a bit of a novelty really. While some people really like them, the only real benefit they offer is a cooler looking machine.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother. But if you like the look of them just be sure not to pick up a cheap one, and be aware of the extra weight and likelihood of visible scratches.

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