5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay


If you’re here, you already know what Rocket League is, so let’s skip the game introduction and start the real talk. You are here because you want to get better at the game and I understand. Like in life we always want to improve and get better at something. It’s pretty rare to want to go backward. So here are five tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay.

I am not a pro-Rocket League player, but I play a lot of ranked, I watch a lot of gameplay videos, and I have around 500 hours played on that game, oh and I’m addicted to the game. The tips you will find in this article are more of the “general” type. They are not tips how to fly and hit the ball at a 90-degree angle so it can bounce on three walls and score.

This article is to help players low ranked player improve their gameplay so they can climb the ladder. Don’t get me wrong, I still make some pretty nooby mistakes, and I am Shooting Star in 2 VS 2 and 3 VS 3, so do not feel bad if you make these errors as well.

Here is our list of

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay


1- Decision making, think before you act.

This is one of the most important points for me, as decision making is critical for nearly anything you do. Think of it as a game of chess. You need to think before you make a move, well it’s the same in Rocket League. You don’t go for every ball, this is something even I still do, and I cannot explain why. It’s like an invisible force, I see the ball in weird sport and I need to hit it but 3/4 of the time the results are bad, and I get scored on.

This is especially dangerous when you have no angle to hit the ball. You might end up messing up your teammates shoot or even worse, score in your goal. So instead of going for the ball, just leave it and go back to your own goal and set up your positioning. Another great example is when everyone goes in the corner to try to do a “Clear ball,” just let your teammate go, and you stay behind just in case the ball does a weird bounce and goes in your goal.

Overall, good decision making can bring you far in the rankings. You don’t even need to be mechanically good to get to rising star and more. The proof, I am Shooting Star, and I still have a hard time to control my car when I fly.

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay

Source: ControlledPairsGamin

2- Be a good team player / Teammate

You can’t forget Rocket League is a team game unless you play one vs. one, but you get what I’m saying. This tip applies more if you’re playing with a random stranger, it can still apply when playing with friends. Try to communicate as often as possible. This is something people often forget to do. Call who goes at the faceoff, who is defending, who is going for that certain ball. It is important to call those things in the lower ranks as people tend to go for all balls, it creates confusion that could lead you to lose the match.

Believe in your teammates. This one is hard. I was once like that, I never trusted my teammates, even when I was playing with my friends.  I would take impossible shots just because I thought my comrades would miss the shot, but in the end, I was the one messing up their chance. Don’t be like me, trust your teammates even if they have inferior skills, try to support them let them take shots, let them try to make plays, you might even be surprised at how good they are with a little bit of help.

Overall, being a good ally is no easy task, I can confirm this. Believe me, you will feel better about yourself, and you will have a better performance, thus leading to a better winning percentage.

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay


3- Watch videos online & Streamers.

At first, this might not seem like a good tip, but believe me, the things I’ve learned by watching high Elo players is incredible. Take a couples hours and go search for specific videos on Youtube. You need help to learn how to control your car while flying? You need tips to be a better goaltender? Any tips or tutorial you need on Rocket League you can look it up on Youtube.

My favorite kind of learning experience is by watching streamers on Twitch. To have the best learning experience you have to choose people with a lot of viewers or people who are high ELO. What I do is I take a couple of hours of my time, I check the top three streamers, and then I pick my favorite one. Then I watch him/her for a couple of hours to learn tips and tricks to improve my gameplay.

Overall, this method is my favorite learning method, as I am a visual person and need to visualize to learn.

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay


4- Learn to rotate / Positioning

I often see articles online about tips and tricks to get better at Rocket League. They offer useful information, but they often forget to write about rotation/positioning, which I find is imperative in a Rocket League match. I often play three vs. threes with two of my friends, and sometimes we lose games just because we can’t rotate properly and we get scored because no one is defending.

Let’s say you’re playing a two vs. two and you go for a corner shot, and you miss, the correct thing to do would be to go back and let your teammate go for the follow-up. Often the person who missed the shot stays in the corner and tries to hit the ball, which is not good because there’s a chance your teammates jump in, and that’s bad. No one is defending your net, so the opposing team can easily do a “long shot” and score. This is just one example, but the rotation is necessary for any situation.

Overall, it might be hard to learn to rotate and adapt to other players, but it is an essential part of winning games in Rocket League. Let your opponent make the mistakes.

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay

Source: DHR_000x

5- Master the tutorials / Training

This might seem like a noob thing to do, but it isn’t. The tutorials in Rocket League are excellent and give good practice. I’d suggest you complete them before going into ranked games. Even if it takes a couple of hours, it is well worth the effort. When you complete the three main tutorials, you can move on to something much harder.

By harder I mean the custom training that was released not too long ago. Now those are real challenges, even I tried some and could not complete them, imagine I’m Shooting Star. If you manage to finish these custom training, I can assure you. You will go far in the Rocket League ladder.

Overall, invest some time into tutorials and custom training, like anything in life you need to put in a lot of work and efforts to get better.

Here is an amazing list of custom training from Reddit.

5 Tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay



This concludes our five tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay. Improving will take time and effort, so do not worry if it takes a couple of hours to see some results, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? A quick reminder, these are tips to improve your general gameplay and improve your game knowledge.

If you follow the steps in my guide I will guarantee you will climb the ladder, hell I got to Shooting Star, and I can’t even fly properly. Sticking to the basic will bring you far, but after that, you will need to improve even further, that’s where you need to refine your in-game mechanics.

I hope our list of 5 tips to improve your Rocket League gameplay has helped you understand what it takes to climb up the ladder. Do not forget to leave us a comment in the section below.