Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay


If you are here that means you already know what League of Legends is so no need any introduction. In this article, you will find 5 tips to improve your League of Legends gameplay because let’s be honest even if you are diamond you still have a lot of things to learn.

You might wonder, who is this guy? Why should I listen to this guy’s tips? Well, I am a big fan of League of Legends. I started season 2, but only picked up ranks around the end of season 3. I finished season 3 on Silver, season 4 Gold, season 5 Plat, almost diamond and season 6 I ended up Plat as well, in fact, I got to diamond I just stopped playing. To some people that might not be impressive if you check out this LoL graph. You will see that not many people hit Plat+. Here is my OP.GG profile, Ignore the stupid name

Now I have quit the game to pursuit my dream job. I still follow LCS. I still read the LoL Reddit every day, I watch people stream every day, I try to keep up even if I’m not playing anymore. When I was a hardcore player I was the one that always played 100%, I never trolled or did intentional feeding. I played to win. Sure often I raged, which was my biggest problem.

The tips you will find in this article are more from a general point of view instead of a mechanical point. I’ll overlook important aspects of the game that will improve your general gameplay. To be honest, you don’t need to be a mechanical god to be able to hit high ranks in this game. Having minimal mechanical skill and incredible game knowledge can get you out of gold pretty fast.


5 Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay


1- Decision Making

This is the most important point of this list. Think of League of Legends as a game of chess, but with more action. One wrong decision can cost you the game, yes it’s that bad. You cannot control your teammate’s decision, unfortunately, but you can control your own. I can assure you decision making alone can bring you far in the ladders. Let me give you a couple of clear examples

  • You are playing ADC role, and your score is 8/2/10, we can safely say you are fed, both teams almost equal in gold, you are the main damage on your team. There’s a juice wave in the bottom lane, there are no wards around it, but still, YOU decide to farm it, all alone in the bottom lane. You only see two out of the five enemy team, but you still choose to go. Now the possible scenario is you will get ganked and die, that could lead to them doing the baron and gaining the upper hand, just because you went alone to farm a wave.
  • Second example: You are a top lane bruiser, you’re a little bit behind, instead of building tank and being useful for your team you build damage items thinking you can carry the game and continue doing 1 vs. 1 with the enemy top laner, who is stronger than you. This happened so often in my games it was crazy, our top laner was 0/3/1 after 10 minutes. The right decision would be to build tank items and farm the lane till you get stronger. Nope, instead, the player decided to continue buying damage item and proceeded to feed. I know this does not apply to every champion, some gain no benefit of building tank items, but you get the idea.
  • This one is more team-oriented decision. You know those Baron/Dragon calls that cost you the game? Yeah it happens often, most of the time you won’t have control over it, but you have the power to ping not to do it, that’s one of your options. I included this one because it happens way too often. Most of the time people have no clue when it comes to Baron or Dragon calls. My biggest tip would be to make sure you killed 2-3 people on the other team, remove the wards around it, put your wards to counter the enemy jungler and follow your team. Even if you don’t 100% agree with the decision you should go with them, you might be surprised by the outcome, I mean it’s solo queue after all.

Ultimately there’s A LOT of different scenarios where decision making is crucial. Like I mentioned above you cannot control your teammates, but you can control your decision, and that can significantly improve your win percentage, you can be the Hero your team needs.

Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay

Source: Optilex


2- Map awareness 101

Another vital point in LoL. Map awareness is a major problem in League of Legends, even at a high level, people don’t seem to understand it’s one of the best free tools in this game. How many times I had to pings my teammates to aware them the enemy jungler was coming to gank them, I mean I’m not even in your lane, and I can see it. I’m a very observant person in real life that might have helped me but still. I remember reading somewhere that Faker, number 1 player in the world, would check his mini-map every 2-3 seconds. You probably don’t need to look at it often to get out of gold, but still, it’s a good thing to practice.

Having good map awareness could mean the difference between you getting killed, or you turning the situation to your advantage and coming on top. If you can see an enemy coming at you from afar, you will be able to prepare yourself and counter-attack. I’d recommend checking your mini-map every 5-1o seconds, believe me, it will be hard at the beginning, but after that, it will become natural. Plus when you become way better at managing map-awareness for yourself, you will be able to help others by pinging them and maybe saving their life.

There are some people who use a timer kind of program and sets it to 15 seconds. When the 15 seconds are done you hear a sound to remind you to check out your minimap, then the timer resets. I personally never used it but it’s a great way to train yourself to check out the mini-map. Here is the actual program, online-stopwatch.


Here is a very good informational video about improving your map awareness by Phylol.


3- Positive Attitude

Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay

If you’ve already visited the LoL subreddit you might have already read a thread about positive attitude, well they were probably right. For this point, I will use personally experience hoping it will change the rager in you. I always considered myself a good gamer, hell I got to Diamond V but decayed over time, I am not a pro, but I think I’m not too bad. One of my biggest problems was the rage. I would tell people off and make them feel bad, then they would either troll, AFK or just play poorly.

The people I targeted were people that I thought didn’t deserve Diamond, one trick ponies, people that didn’t want to play a particular role, people that didn’t know how to ward, people who didn’t want to hear my tips. I never told someone off who lost their lane, because it happens to everyone. I am no pro player, but if you look at my profile, you see that I played my heart ou with my positive KDAs, and I always apologize when making some stupid moves.

However, this is not the point of this aspect. The number of times I lost a game because I told someone off is incredible, insulting them made me feel good, but lost us the game. If I ever go back to League, I would disable my chat, I even almost lost a friend over that, he didn’t want to play with me anymore despite my skills. So my best tips I could give is to never insult someone, you can try giving them advice but if you see it doesn’t work, stop typing and play the game, try your best to keep a positive attitude towards your team. Even if your team is behind in soloqueue anything is possible.


4- Follow the meta

If you play ranked, I assume you want to win and climb the ladder right? So why not help yourself and follow the meta? I understand it can be boring playing champs you do not like but hey if it can give you more chance to win the game why not? Often I heard people tell me “yeah well it’s annoying to follow the meta, this is a video game it’s meant to have fun” and I completely understand. For me winning is fun, I am the kind of person who loves to win, I mean if I lose 5 games in a row, even if I play a “fun” champion I won’t have happy. Some people don’t mind losing as long as they are having fun.

The meta is there for a reason, the pros follow it and you should too. Unfortunately, the meta changes with patches and updates, some champs become weak and some become strong. I’d recommend visiting champion.ggYou can check the statistic on this site. I followed it pretty closely when I was a hardcore player, and it helped me a lot. There’s always a couple of overpowered champions in each role. You just need to learn him then spam him, believe me, it will significantly increase your chance of winning. I remember when top Ekko tank was meta, I literally destroyed my opponent in lane. Then I was so strong I could 1 vs. 5 the enemy team. Or when Triforce Ezreal was a beast, man those were the days.

I am not forcing anyone to follow the meta, many high Elo players don’t follow it, and they win. However, when playing ranked games, you want all the chances on your side.


Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay


5- Watch Videos/Streamers

This is an excellent aspect of improving your gameplay that people don’t seem to think it’s a good way. I can assure you I’ve watched a lot of streamers over the years and I learned a lot by watching. Some of them explain a lot while they are playing. They give out some good explanation of what they do, or what they should have done in a given situation, why they are buying specific items to counter champions and much more. There’s a lot of streamers out there. I’d recommend watching streamer who have a lot of viewers. Sure you have to listen to them a couple of hours to see if they give out good info or if they are only streaming for the entertainment.

Beside streamers, you can watch informational videos on Youtube, about gameplay, tips & tricks and much more. This was one of my favorite ways to improve my gameplay, not only it is fun and entertaining to watch people play video games, at the same time you get great information and personal opinion about the game. If you don’t like to watch videos, you can always look up guides or forums to find some useful information about a particular subject.


Tips To Improve Your League Of Legends Gameplay



This concludes our 5 tips to improve your league of legends gameplay article. As you may have seen above, League Of Legends is a complicated video game, especially if you play ranked games. Unfortunately, our tips are only a part of becoming a fantastic player. The learning curve in this game is ridiculous.

I hope our list will help the future League of Legends player to go up the ranks as I did and even to surpass me. I can guarantee you if you follow these 5 tips and put in hard work you will climb out of Elo hell and hit gold+. Don’t worry if it takes time to improve your gameplay, LoL is a game where you need to put a lot of hours to see some progress, Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

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