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Dxracer King Series Review

  Dxracer King Series Review The Ultimate Review As a PC gamer, it is imperative to have excellent support as we tend to spend several hours sitting on our computer chair. Finding the right gaming chair for your needs can be hard as they are thousands of...

Best Gaming Monitors Under $400

Are you looking for a fantastic gaming monitor for your gaming setup? Come and check our top picks for the best gaming monitors under $400.

Big And Tall Gaming Chairs

   Top 5 Best Big And Tall Gaming Chairs of 2018   Finding the perfect gaming chair when you're a large person is no easy task. Do not worry you are not alone. This is a common struggle that a lot of bigger people go through because most gaming chairs are...

The Best Gaming Chair With Footrest

  The Best Gaming Chair With Footrest of 2018   As a gamer when we are searching for a new gaming chair, whether it is to buy a new one or replace an old one, we think about comfort, first. Because gamers tend to play quite a couple of hours, meaning...

Best Webcam For Streaming

You want to start a streaming career or just want to talk to your friends and family via video chat? Here our are the best webcam for streaming.

Best Gaming Desk Under $2000

Are you looking for the ultimate high-end gaming desk to complete your setup? Here is our list of the best gaming desk under $2000.

Best Thermal Paste

You are building a gaming PC, and you are not sure which thermal paste to you? Come and check out our guide on the best thermal paste.

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Looking to upgrade your old office gaming chair into a new modern racing car chair? Here is our list of best gaming chair under $200.

How to clean your PC keyboard

How to clean your PC keyboard   At first glance, you might not have noticed but your computer keyboard is very dirty - very, very dirty. Among the dust, crumbs, and various dirt, the keys have lost their original color and you can’t even distinguish where this or...

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